Me and Intermittent Fasting!


I know this is a longer post than usual, but I hope you’ll find it interesting enough to read to the end.

Before I get into my story about intermittent fasting (IF), let me explain very briefly what IF is. It is a period of time when you do NOT eat or drink anything. You can drink water, black coffee or plain tea. No diet drinks. No flavored coffees. Nothing with calories can be consumed during your fast. Period.

Eating or drinking calories is the opposite of fasting.

If you want to learn more about IF, I highly recommend Gin Stephens’ books. Fast, Feast, Repeat and/or Delay, Don’t Deny. Both books will tell you the science behind IF and why it’s such a healthy way to live.

I started Intermittent Fasting (IF) on April 7, 2021. And as with life things didn’t go exactly the way I’d planned, but I’ll get to that later.

I had several goals. One and what seemed most important at the time was to lose ten pounds. My second goal was to normalize my relationship with food. And my third goal was to boost my metabolism.

Let’s start with the last goal first. After ten years of being on a fairly strict diet most of those ten years, it seemed to me that my metabolism was way low. I don’t have any scientific proof of that but any time I would eat more than salad, a piece of chicken, and some fruit for dessert I’d gain weight.

I was so, so, so tired of not being able to eat like everybody else. So, I’d restrict my food intake and then have my cheat days where I would binge, which brings me to my second goal of normalizing my relationship with food.

I wanted to not be obsessed with food. I wanted to stop worrying about every bite of food I put in my mouth. I wanted to make healthy choices but still enjoy eating.

When I started IF I wanted to lose 10 pounds. I was a lifetime member of a certain weight loss organization and was about 10 (9 actually) pounds over my goal weight.

So those were my 3 goals. Gin Stephens recommends starting with a 28 day plan where you don’t weight yourself and all you worry about is making sure you clean fast every day.

No calories to count. No points to calculate. Just using your own good sense when eating. I must say I threw out my good sense and ate—a lot! After the end of the 28 days, I hadn’t lost any weight, but I hadn’t gained either—and I really did eat a lot! I was happy!

And that’s what I did for the next few months. I ate what I wanted but would fast anywhere from 18 to 21 hours every day. And I still didn’t gain any weight—amazing!

But then I decided it was time to start making healthier food choices so I could lose that ten pounds. I decided to go back to that weight loss organization. And in the first month, I lost 5 pounds.


And then life happened. I’ve had bilateral brain tumors for the past ten years but they’d been stable since 2016 without any need for treatment. But that all changed in August when we discovered one of the tumors was growing again and that I would need treatment.

My plan was to stay with my weight loss meetings, IF, and do my treatments. I really wanted to lose that last 5 pounds. But the day after my first treatment, I realized my plan wasn’t going to work. I

So I gave up on the weight loss meetings, but I’ve been doing IF consistently (except when I’m not feeling so good.)

So let’s take a look at my three goals.

I quickly gained back the five pounds I’d lost. Thanks to the treatments and the holidays. As of today, I’ve lost 3.6 pounds and only need to lose 5.6 to get back to my goal weight. But here’s the amazing things, I’ve lost 22.5 inches off my body–5 off my waist and 6 off my hips. If you want to know how and why that happened, you’ll need to read Gin’s books. I’m not scientific enough to explain it.

I have eaten A LOT this past year. Healthy foods. And pizza. And lots of my favorite things—namely pastries of all sorts. I pretty much eat what I want during my eating window. I haven’t lost all of the 10 pounds, but I know that’s because of my food choices, not because IF doesn’t work.

It obviously does work. If I’d eaten the way I have the past year and not fasted, I would have probably gained at least 25 or 30 pounds.

So what’s next for me amd IF?

I plan to start making healthier choices when eating so that I can get back to my goal weight. For me that means lowering my carb intake and especially cutting back on the “sweets.”

I’ve also added the spiritual component of fasting into my life, which has brought a new level of understanding and commitment to the act of IF.

I’ll keep you posted when I get back to my goal weight which hopefully won’t take a full year. I know this has been a long post.

Thanks for listening!

God Bless and Good Reading!

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