Is Santa Claus Real?


Ever had this conversation?

“Is Santa Claus real, Daddy?”

“Go ask your mother.”

“Mommy, is Santa real?

What parent hasn’t heard this dreaded question?

If not, with Christmas just around the corner, many of you may hear it this holiday season. Your heart breaks just a bit for your child’s loss of innocence.

So, what’s a wonderful parent like you supposed to say in that moment?

There are lots of choices, but how about the truth in a way you may not have thought of? “Santa Claus is real, but now that you’ve asked that question you’re old enough to learn his real name—Jesus.”

Turn that dreaded question into a learning experience that will begin your child’s journey with Jesus. After all, Jesus is better than Santa any day. He’s always with us—not just at Christmas time. He gives way better gifts than Santa ever could—peace, joy, love, and an eternity in heaven with Him.

Bring out a picture of Santa and use it to teach your child even more about Jesus. The red suit signifies the blood of Jesus. The white in the suit shows the purity of Jesus. His white hair, beard, and kindly smile shows the love of Jesus. And that ample belly that shakes like a bowlful of jelly shows the abundance of God. And his never-ending bag of toys symbolizes God’s never-ending grace.

And what about Santa’s helpers—the elves? Teach your child we are Jesus’s helpers here on earth. We should help others wherever and whenever we can. The more you think about the analogy of Santa Claus as an alter ego of Jesus, the more similarities you’ll discover. Everyone knows Santa lives at the mythical North Pole, but exactly where is that? It’s heaven, of course!

Is Santa real? You bet he is…and his name is Jesus.

Happy Birthday, Jesus! And Merry Christmas to all!

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