LIFE CHANGES–and so do blogs!


If I’ve learned anything this year  LIFE CHANGES!

And so do blogs!  I haven’t been very  active with this blog lately, but I have some ideas to try out in the coming months. I’m excited about it, but who knows? Maybe they’re good–maybe not!  We’ll see what others think about the changes. I hope you’ll be one of the ones to let me know what you think.

First as a writer, a blogger, and a person, I’m not much for planning or scheduling sooo…. I’m not going to say that I’m posting every Monday, Wednesday, or whatever. Some weeks I may post two or three times and other times a week or two may pass.

Here’s a few segments you’ll be seeing in the coming days:

THIS & THAT:  My personal musings about whatever might be on my mind…and that could be anything!

WRITER OF THE DAY:  This segment is about BOOKS and WRITERS. Book Announcements-Book giveaways–new books-old books-favorite books! Did I mention books?

WRITING ADVICE:  I’ve learned a few things on my writing journey and I’m willing to share!

DEVOTIONS: I have a devotional site at  I’ll be sharing the devotions from that site here as well.

IN HIS IMAGE: CELEBRATING GOD CREATIVELY:  This segment is about celebrating God and the creativity He shares with each of us. It might be a poem–a picture–a music video–a skit video–or a post about how someone uses their creativity.  This

So as you can see,  TIARAS & TENNIS SHOES is going to have lots of hopefully informative, useful, and fun things happening in the next few months.

Oh, yeah–if you sign up to follow the blog my email, you get entered in my BLOG CRAZY CONTEST automatically. How easy is that!  Winners get Amazon gift cards in amounts from $5-20! ! For more details,  Contest ends on FEB. 1.

Any other ideas for me?


4 thoughts on “LIFE CHANGES–and so do blogs!

  1. I signed up to follow your blog. I follow several blogs that you do. I have to run but I will be back!


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