Writer Of The Day–Jamie Adams

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The spotlight is on Historical Fiction author, Jamie Adams, today. She writes inspirational stories that both entertain and stir the reader’s imagination. Love’s Golden Quest has been on Amazon’s Historical Christian Historical Fiction Best Sellers list for over 6 weeks.  You can connect with Jamie at: https://www.facebook.com/JamieLAdamsauthorpage



Can the perilous unknowns of the Wild West and an arranged marriage heal a grieving young woman and a man determined to find a world to claim as his own?

ROSE HILL never thought she would marry someone she didn’t love, but after the death of her parents, she believes she has no other choice. And if she follows the advice of her pastor and mentors, it will have to be soon.

During the height of the gold rush, LUKE TOWNSEND dreams of starting a ranch out west. When his fiancée learns of his plan she leaves him for a doctor back east. Brokenhearted, he’s determined to make a new start.



“Sit down.” Reverend Smyth took a seat behind the desk and wasted no time getting to the point. “You’ll be happy to know I have a solution to your problems.” Kindness and compassion echoed within his deep voice. “I’ve found you a husband.”  The elderly man’s graying mustache twitched when he smiled.

“A…?” She cringed at the sound of her voice squeaking. There were few options for a single girl in St. Joseph, but what right did this man have? “You’ve found me a … husband?”

“Now, I know this may come as a surprise.” Warmth flooded her cheeks. Rose expected to be told her time of mourning had ended. That she could return to normal social activity, wear bright-colored clothing and get back to living. She hadn’t expected to be told he’d planned her whole future out for her. Reverend Smyth leaned back.

“Trust me.” His voice filled with confidence. “This is for the best.”

“It’s not that I don’t trust you, Sir.” She did trust him. He knew her financial situation. The money her parents left nearly gone, she needed a job. “How can I marry someone I don’t love?”

“He’s a fine Christian man from a good family,” The reverend’s brows knit together. “You will learn to love and respect each other in time, I’m sure of it.”

“Do I know him?”

“I’m sure you are aware of the Townsend family. They’re members of our church.” Reverend Smyth tilted forward, bringing his forearms to rest on top of the desk. “Mr. Townsend owns one of the largest ferries used to transport pioneers and their wagons across the river.”

“Why… he’s married and has five sons!”

“Yes, Mr. Townsend, the father, is married.” The reverend appeared amused by her misunderstanding. “Young Mr. Townsend is set to start a new life out west. He’s a godly man who needs a wife.”

Resigned to her fate, Rose looked into his charcoal grey eyes. Once again she was expected to follow a path not of her own choosing. At least this one would get her away from St. Joseph and its painful memories. “Which of Mr. Townsend’s sons do you have in mind?”


Sounds like a great book, Jamie. Thanks for sharing it with us.

Until next time…..

God Bless & Good Reading!



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