Writer Of The Day–Mary L. Ball


Mary L. Ball is my Writer of the Day. She lives in the North Carolina and writes Inspirational novels
as well as Christian articles. Her passion is weaving together romantic tales laced with suspense and mystery.

Here’s an excerpt from her book,  ESCAPE TO BIG FORK LAKE:

Snarling, Rob gritted his teeth like an animal. He glared
at Sam through bloodshot eyes from the drinking binge he had clearly been on.
“Sam, let me in. We’ve played this game long enough. You need to realize…we
belong together.”
Sam shook her head and silently hoped he didn’t hear the
hammering of her heart. With forced bravery, she hid the weakness in her
eyes. She willed her emotions to stay in control. With a bold stance,
Samantha voiced her opinion to his statement of claim. “Rob, I told you there
will never be anything between us. Just go away and leave me

She reacted quickly before he put his hand or foot into the small
opening and closed the door.
Rob slammed his fist against the hard wood,striking the door as he
slurred out obscenities. The last words she heard were, “If I can’t have
you, no one will.”

Wow–that’s an awesome beginning to what seems like a great story.  Thanks,, Mary for sharing your work with us.


Until next time….God Bless and Good Reading!

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