SEPTEMBER 11-Another Day That Will Live In Infamy!


For me images of September 11,2001—the plane hitting the second tower—firefighters rushing in the buildings—panicked people jumping from the buildings—the bright orange flames along with the smoke and rubble—the people running through the streets— still evoke a pit in my stomach and tears to fight back.

I’m sure that’s the case for many of you as well.

But just as that first day of infamy, December 7, means less and less each year as those who lived through it decrease, so the same will happen with 9/11.  It’s hard to believe that twelve years have already passed. That means those children going into middle school or junior high have no real memory of that awful day.

When I decided to write about this, I wanted to write something profound that would inspire all who read it to be a better American. Unfortunately, nothing came to mind as I pondered what wonderfully, awe-inspiring words to write.

Instead, I’ll share my memories of that day and the days following the terrorist attack. Days when I remembered just how much I loved my country in spite of that fact that it’s not perfect.

Days when Americans came together in a way that I’d never experienced in my lifetime. After all, I’m a baby boomer who lived through Viet Nam. A war that polarized our country. A war where we are only now recognizing and honoring the heroes of that time. So to see Americans come together in love and support of one another and their country was an awesome sight for this cynical baby boomer.

Days when I was so proud to be an American as story after story came out of the heroes who ran into the building to save fellow Americans. Some of them came back out but not all. Stories of how people helped each other because it was the right thing to do.

Days when Americans fell to their knees in prayer.

Days when the spark of patriotism was relit and the embers are still felt today.

Days when we all remembered that the country we are blessed to live in is still a country worth dying for.

Days that showed me and the world that America was still home of the brave.

Please take a moment to reflect on that day. Please take a moment to honor those who died that day. Please take a moment to pray for those who lost someone they loved that day.

I hopeyou’lll take the time to share their thoughts, memories, and insights from that day as well.


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