Even in the dimness of the bar, Chryssie recognized the men. They’d been chasing her all day. Her mind froze. But only for a moment. She turned back towards Chuck. “I can’t believe this.”

Then, her arms flew out in front of her as she shoved him.

Unfortunately, Chuck was ready for her. His arms surrounded her and in the next moment the two men were beside her. One on each side of her. They each grabbed an arm. She tried to fight them off, but they were stronger and bigger.

“Just calm down, Chryssie.” Chuck’s voice penetrated her panic. “I don’t want to hurt you. We just need to have a talk.”  Instead of talking, he went over to the bar’s front door and latched it.

No one would be coming in to rescue her.

All the fight went out of Chryssie. She slumped against one of her captors.

Chuck walked back. “Unfortunately, we can’t talk here. So, you need to go with these men. I have to stay here until Bobby’s shift.” He nodded at the two men.

They dragged her towards the back of the bar.

She dragged her feet. “No. I don’t want to go with them. Look, he hit me.”

Poor Chryssie. Is she ever going to get out of this mess?

UNTIL NEXT TIME…God Bless and Good Reading!

“Well, stop fighting and struggling with them, and they won’t have to do that again. Now, be a good girl.” He turned his back to her. “I’ll talk to you later.”

She couldn’t believe he’d said that to her as some goons were dragging her out of the bar. Not just any goons—his goons.


Chryssie sat on a folding chair. Tears streamed down her cheeks, but she couldn’t wipe them away. Thanks to her hands being taped behind her back, there was nothing she could do.

And if that wasn’t bad enough, the goons had taped her feet to the bottom rungs of the chairs. They obviously weren’t going to let her get away from them again.

Her head drooped down on her shoulder.

Chuck? How could he have done this to her? She’d thought he was the one to help her. Instead, he was the reason she was in this prison. But she’d thought he was a good guy.

This had to be because of his cousin, obviously. He must have recognized her from the bar and went to Chuck for help. Chuck wouldn’t be involved in illegal activities, would he?

If she hadn’t been so exhausted and frantic, she would have remembered him. He must have asked Chuck to take care of her. But what did that mean?

She couldn’t believe Chuck would kill her.

But blood was thicker than water. After all, look at all she’d done so that she could rescue Misty from the foster care system.

A loud sob escaped.

Now that would never happen.

Poor Misty. She probably would never know what happened or why her big sister abandoned her after she’d promised to get her and make a new life for them. Just like their mother had abandoned them.

No! She took a deep breath.

That was not going to happen. She would do whatever she had to. To get out of this mess. Chryssie shook her head. Why hadn’t she just gone to the police as soon as it happened? It had been so stupid not to.

Stupid! Stupid! Stupid and selfish!

Her mother had told her so time and time again. No wonder, she really was stupid and selfish. If she hadn’t been so focused on taking that exam, she would have known the right thing was to go to the police.

But no—she’d thought she knew better. Take the exam and then go to the police. Now look at her. What a mess!

The door opened.

One of the goons walked in. “Still crying and feeling sorry for yourself, I see.” He smiled at her.

Chryssie glared at him, but said nothing. It didn’t seem like a smart thing to antagonize him. After all, he was in control.

He walked over until he stood directly in front her. “I was told to make sure you were comfortable so is there anything you’d like from me?” He leered down at her.

She still didn’t speak.

He rolled his eyes. “Like go to the bathroom or eat?”

“Yes, I’d like to do both actually.”

He laughed. “Actually, I figured as much.” He knelt down in front of her.

A knife was in his hand. Was he just messing with her? Pretending he was going to be nice, but kill her instead?

Her muscles tensed as she readied herself to be stabbed. A thought jumped in her mind. I should have gone to church with Marv when I had the chance. Please, God, I’m sorry.

He waved the knife in front of her face. A big smile on his own face.

Chryssie steeled herself.

He reached behind her and felt the knife cutting through the tape binding her hands. A moment later he did the same to her leg and then the other.

She was free!

Tempted to take the opportunity to try to escape, Chryssie quickly decided against it. No doubt, the goon would be expecting that. And he would enjoy stopping her way too much. She’d do what Chuck had told her to do—be a good girl.

And wait for a better opportunity.


OK, folks–only two more chapters to go. I hope you’re enjoying Chryssie’s story.

UNTIL NEXT TIME…God Bless & Good Reading

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