Back to Reality–sort of?

Well, I’ve been off the grid for the most part for the past month. Between medical treatments, finishing the first round of edits for two upcoming books, and then a well-deserved beach vacation, I have done much with Tiaras & Tennis Shoes. But I’m back now and ready to get back to reality. Well, sort of reality.  As a writer of fiction, my “work” should be anything but reality.

Of course,  there’s the reality of book edits, marketing, social networking, and a ton of other things a writer must do. But those are the things I must put up with to live in the make-believe worlds I get to create.

When I’m in full create mode of writing a new story, I become immersed in the story world I’m creating. So much so that at the end of a writing session, it can take more than a few minutes to come back to  my real world. Even as I sit pretending to listen to my husband, I’m actually worrying about that person–oops, I mean character that I left in peril back in my other world.

The same thing happens when I read a good book. In fact, that’s how I judge whether a book is “good” or  just ok. If the writer can transport me to their created world and I like it there, then they’ve done their job well.

How about you? As a reader or a writer, how do you judge the success of a book? What makes a book special for you? Is it the characters, the setting, the plot, the lessons they’ve learned, or something else?


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