HOPE by Penny McGinnis Frost

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My guest writer today is Penny Frost McGinnis.  She writes contemporary romance as well as poetry. Read more about her writing at www.pennyfrostmcginnis.com Today, she shares a poem with us.  Thanks, Penny.



On days your blue skies
turn gray,
smiles fade,
and joy seems like a star flung
light years from earth…
reflect on hope~
I imagine hope as tiny rays of sunlight
that sneak through clouds
after a rainstorm.
The same magical rays that form a rainbow.
Perhaps you see it in the eyes of a child.
One who stumbles and balances
and stumbles again~
as he learns to put one foot in front of the other.
Or maybe you smell it
when you bury your nose in sweet honeysuckle.
I see hope in you, in your future,
in your dreams my friend.

© Penny Frost McGinnis


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