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Ecclesiastes 11:9

Follow the ways of your heart.


So, you want to be a writer and a part of you believes that’s what God wants, too. But really, how presumptuous of you to think you can figure out what God wants, right?

Not right!

I don’t believe Got wants it to be hard for you to know His plan for you. If you spending all your time trying to figure it out, then you won’t have time to actually pursue your dream—God’s plan. God gives each of us abilities, interests, talents, and gifts. When you put them all together, you probably come up with something that you are passionate about.

Very passionate about—that passion is your God-given dream. I mean think about it. God loves you. He doesn’t want you spending your life pursuing a dream that you don’t care about, that doesn’t satisfy you, that makes you crazy. Well maybe that’s not true about the crazy part—writing can make you a little crazy.

I may not have started writing until I was 40, but I always loved books. Now, I’m not talking about enjoying a good book now and then. I LOVED BOOKS!

Once I learned to read, I rarely went anywhere without a book. I can remember pouring over my Scholastic Reader for hours to decide which book I would buy that month. I would spend hours and hours looking at the books in the library. In college, I worked at the bookstore and the library and I loved it.

Especially on Sunday nights at the library, my job was to reshelf books. Ooohh! That meant finding all sorts of books I’d never seen before.

Do you get my point? I loved books. I’d always had stories inside me, but it never occurred to me that others might enjoy my stories as well. When I started writing, it was as if I found that missing part of me. I didn’t even think about getting published at that point, I just loved writing!

Now that doesn’t mean it can’t be hard work, frustrating, or exhausting as well. Because it can be all of those things. I can sit for 6-8-10 hours at a time and write. Not because I have to, but because it’s so much fun! A while back someone asked me how many times I had to read my own book before it was ready to be published. When I told them between 5 and 10 times, they looked at me as if I was crazy.

Now, I admit the last time or two gets a trifle difficult, but I still love writing–even the difficult and boring parts of it!

Following the ways of your heart leads you to what you are passionate about.  Your passion is God’s plan for you! God’s plan equals your dream.

THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: God’s gift to me is my talent. My gift to God is using my talent.


QUESTIONS TO PONDER: What am I passionate about? How can I use that passion in my life to glorify God?




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