My Friend–Kimberly Rose Johnson


Duh! I’m not sure how it happened but somehow Kimberly’s post showed up a few Fridays ago, but that was a mistake. MINE, of course. Here it is again with pictures of her great adventure. Thanks for sharing with us.


It’s Friday and that means you get to meet another one of my writer friends. Kimberly Rose Johnson holds a degree in Behavioral Science from Northwest University. She lives in the Pacific Northwest with her husband, two teenage sons, and their yellow lab. She writes sweet Christian romance for Heartsong Presents and is a member of American Christian Fiction Writers. She enjoys taking long walks with her husband and dog, reading, dark chocolate and time with friends. You may learn more about Kimberly and her books at 

Today she shares about a great adventure she took…mmm I wonder where she went!


My Great Adventure

Have you ever done something big and then wonder what took you so long to actually do it? For me it was my decision to go to Disney World last December. I had wanted to go there since I was a little girl, but had never followed through with that dream until last year.

We planned the trip in August and my debut Novel, The Christmas Promise was set to release in November. God knew what He was doing when he prompted me to ask my husband about the idea, because I have never needed a vacation as desperately as I needed that one. I was stressed to my limit, and my health was paying the price.

With the help of my family and the understanding of my fantastic teenage boys, my hubby and I took off for “the happiest place on earth.” Three days into the trip I observed to my husband that I was no longer having chest pains and I found myself relaxing for the first time in months.



I think my favorite part of the Magic Kingdom was Epcot. I loved the food and seeing all the countries. If I ever get to go there again, I’m planning to eat all my meals there.

My husband especially enjoyed Animal Kingdom. His favorite activity was the safari. If you ever get there it’s a must do attraction.

I’m a West Coast girl, and grew up going to Disneyland more times than I can remember, so the Magic Kingdom was only so-so for me. There were differences I couldn’t look past. Although that castle—wow!

What about you? Have you crossed anything off your bucket list lately? 

Thanks, Kimberly for sharing your great adventure with us.





2 thoughts on “My Friend–Kimberly Rose Johnson

  1. Thanks for the fun post, Kimberly! I got to go to Disney World myself not long ago, having never gone as a child. I particularly loved Epcot, as you did, and had a wonderful experience there with family. Your tale brought back good memories!

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