just for fun!!


Fridays are usually for my friends but I hate to get in a rut so… today is just for fun. In July, DEADLY COMMUNICATIONS was released. It features a speech pathologist who gets a little too involved with her clients! Anyway…I’ve been writing for 19 years and Deadly Communications was my first effort of blending my real life job with my writing.

Why is that?

Because I know just how boring being a speech pathologist can be. Now don’t get me wrong, I loved my job and I miss it– a lot! But the reality of the job is it can be a bit repetitious to say the least. I’ve listened to more Ss and Rs than you can even imagine.

So it was hard for me to imagine a story with a speech pathologist that could be exciting and interesting to readers. Sure I found it super exciting when I heard a child say “Sally sells seashells by the seashore.” perfectly–but that’s me.

Anyway, one day the story popped into my head. I now have 3 Deadly Communications mysteries written. The second will be released sometime next year.  So this was a long way of getting to my point.

There are jobs that lend themselves to suspense and mystery stories, such as police officers, private investigators, even reporters. But a speech pathologist? The thing is I’m not a police officer, a private investigator or a reporter. But I’m none of those things so when I use those characters I have to go light on the job aspect but I didn’t have to do that with DEADLY COMMUNICATIONS.

I was able to write my therapy scenses with complete confidence that it was realistic.

Let’s have some fun!

I’d love to hear your scenario for your job or someone else’s along with a suspense scenario for it.

Example: A speech pathologist who gets too involved with her clients finds herself  facing a kidnapper without any backup or a gun!

So, what’s your job and the suspense scenario to go with it?


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