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I’m approaching my 20 year anniversary of writing–or trying to write! I’ve learned a lot about writing in those twenty years. Not that I don’t have more to learn, I do. An interesting thing occurred to me over the past few weeks. Much of what I learned in and about writing can be applied to life.  So I thought I’d share a few of those thoughts with you from time to time in this new segment–WRITERLY WISDOM.

Here’s my first bit of Writerly Wisdom:

Just because you don’t know how the story’s going to end doesn’t mean you shouldn’t write it! Life and stories are alike in this aspect. As a writer, I don’t always know the ending of the story as I’m writing it. I might have an idea what I think’s going to happen. Sometimes I’m right and sometimes I get surprised!

Life is the same way! The truth is we can never know how any situation is going to end. But just because we don’t know how a project, a romance, a job, or a relationship is going to work out doesn’t mean we shouldn’t give it our all.

So remember–just because you don’t know the ending doesn’t mean you shouldn’t live your story!

Can you think of a time you really weren’t sure you should do something but you did it anyway–and was happy you did? Tell us about it.


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