Writerly Wisdom–It’s all about the story!


One of the things I had to learn as a new writer was to stay focused on the story–not all the insignificant details that didn’t matter and had nothing to do with the story. When I first started writing, I’d show my character getting up; getting ready for the day; even what they ate for breakfast; and move them through each facet of their day.

Somewhere along the way something exciting would happen that would be about the real story. But it took a lot of energy and writing to get there. Boring!

It’s all about the story–whether you’re talking about a novel or life!

So what does that bit of writerly wisdom have to do with real life?

A lot. Sometimes we forget what our focus (our story) is. Instead, we get caught up in all sorts of insignificant activities that have nothing to do with the story we want to create for ourselves. Details that distract us from creating the best story we can.

Sometimes these details can actually derail us from the real story. Not good. In other words, stay focused on the story!

If you want to graduate from college, stay focused on the academics–not the partying.

If you want to get married and have children, then date people who have the same idea.

Yes, we need details in our stories to make them come alive(and in our life), just don’t let the details take over so that you stop focusing on the story. Because after all, it’s all about the story!


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