The Ceremony of the Blessed Vessel–Part III

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“Before Princess Lilianna comes to share her wisdom, I’m here to take care of the more mundane details for this very special day as well as to explain a bit more about what it means to be a Princess-In-Training.” She grinned. “Or as we like to call you, a PIT.”

A few quiet giggles around the room could be heard.

“And in fact, your training could be compared to a pit, if you will. There will be many times when you find yourself in a pit, a problem, or a situation. Call it what you will, but how you choose to get out of that pit will determine if you move forward as a Princess-In-Training or if you fall from the path.”

Fall from the path? Was that possible? Rose grimaced. She didn’t like the sound of that.

“This is the informal part of the day so please feel free to ask questions of me. When Princess Lilianna comes out, that will be a time only for listening, not speaking. Unless, of course, she asks for a response. Then it would just be rude not to answer her.”

A hand near the front went up. Princess Michella motioned for her to stand which she did. “What does that mean? Fall from the path. How does that happen?”

“It can happen in so very many ways, but Princess Lilianna will speak more of it. Now, let me explain how today works. We are here at the Ceremony of the Blessed Vessel, then later we shall watch the Games where all the Knights-in-Training get to show off for you. Then tonight will be the Ball.”

“What happens at the Ball?” A girl shouted out.

Princess Michella clapped her hands with glee. “Oh, the Ball is so much fun. But a word of warning, do not let those pesky Knights-in-Training lure you from your One True Journey.”

What did that mean? Rose thought the One True Journey was about finding her one true love. If that was the case, then how could finding your one true love at the Ball lure you from your One True Journey?

Princess Michella looked around with a smile. When she smiled it was as if the sun was in the room with them. “Princess Lilianna has a few things to share about those Knights-In-Training a little later. Are there any more questions?”

Someone in the group called out, “How will know if we’re still on the right path or have fallen from it?”

“A perfectly good question. I cannot say how exactly since each of you will each have your own journey to complete, but I can say that you will know the truth of your path each step of the way. Do not worry yourself with this. Instead take care of where you allow your feet to fall.”

The truth of your path? Where you allow your feet to fall? Rose wanted to poke Veronique in the ribs to ask her what these things meant, but she didn’t dare speak out. She thought the day was about getting more information on how to become a Princess.

Instead, she only had more questions!

“Good. Good. Good. If there are no more questions, it’s time for Princess Lilianna. Now remember, this is a time for listening and be sure to listen most carefully. Her words are filled with much wisdom. The wisdom you will need to complete your One True Journey.”

Complete her journey and become a Princess. That was exactly what Rose wanted to do. And that is what she meant to do.

“After your visit with the Princess-Of-All-Princesses, I will stay behind to answer all of your questions, and then each of you will be assigned your very own Princess Advisor.”

Finally she would get to see the Princess-Of-All-Princesses, the most beautiful of all in the Kingdom. With such beauty, she must have danced all night long at her first Ball, and probably every one after that.

Would anyone even ask Rose to dance? If not, she would simply die from shame. What a disaster that would be.

From the back of the Great Hall a group of musicians stepped in. Their music was festive and yet solemn. The flute players came first, then the drummers. After them were the players of the lute and then more drummers.

The group moved as one. As they played their feet danced along the way. Tension filled the room as a procession made its way from the back of the Great Hall.

After the musicians came two white steeds with a knight in full armor seated on each. The two horses pulled behind them an ornate but tiny carriage. Then came two more knights walking, each holding a javelin at attention as if perhaps one of them would want to harm Princess Lilianna.

Silky white curtains on the carriage windows blocked the view of the girls as all craned their necks to get a better look. The procession stopped in front of the throne that now waited for the Princess-of-all-Princesses.

A gong sounded once again. Princess Michella motioned for all to stand. The group stood as if one entity and then waited. It seemed as if every girl in the room was holding her breath.

One knight stepped forward. “It is my pleasure to announce Princess Lilianna. The Princess-Of-All-Princesses. The most beautiful Princess in all the Kingdom. The most wise Princess in all the Kingdom. And above all, the kindest in all the Kingdom.”

How could kindness be more important than beauty? What a silly thing to say. Rose leaned forward in anticipation of her first glimpse.

The curtain separated and out stepped….there must be a mistake.

So, the story continues…hope you’re enjoying it!


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