The Ceremony of the Blessed Vessel–THE END!


“So now that you have your Gift, it is time to talk about the Blessed Vessel.”

Rose thought that was exactly what they’d been doing. She had her Blessed Vessel in front of her, didn’t she?

With a knowing smile, Princess Lilianna asked, “You didn’t think The Creator’s Gift was the Blessed Vessel, did you?”

Around the room, girls nodded and a few giggled.

“Not to fear. That’s a very common mistake. In fact, I suppose we rather trick you into believing that, just so we can tell you it’s not. The Creator’s Gift is filled with good things the Creator has given you but it is not the Blessed Vessel. And even though your Gift is decorated with those things you love, it is not all that the Gift contains.”

The things they loved? Rose’s gaze drifted back to Bells and her Gift. Did that mean Bells loved nothing but Bells?

“The Gift contains many things you will need on your One True Journey.”

What sort of things?

“Courage. Compassion. To name only two. But other things as well for you to discover along your journey. But as with the paths, you make the choice to use them or not. The Creator’s Gift and your Blessed Vessel are linked together. Use the two together correctly, and they will help you complete your One True Journey to its final destination. Squander them and they will lead to pain and sorrow. And, perhaps, even worse emptiness.”

Oh, she would use them correctly. Rose was sure of that. She didn’t want pain or sorrow or emptiness. She wanted nothing more than to complete her One True Journey to become a Princess.

Even if she didn’t understand how—quite yet.

“When you treat the Blessed Vessel with the respect it is due and use the Creator’s Gifts, you will discover the path for your One True Journey that will lead to the destination we all should strive for.”

“But be careful. It is so easy to squander your Blessed Vessel. Many will want to help you to do just that. Once squandered it is so very hard to stay on the path of you One True Journey. But once again I must remind you the Creator can repair the damage if you allow it to be so. Never forget that.”

“Your Blessed Vessel is yours and yours alone. But once you find your own true love, you may share it with him. But take heed. True love is not easy nor quick as many would have you believe. So take care of where you allow your feet to fall. Not just tonight but in all the days and nights that will follow.”

Princess Lilianna looked over at Princess Michella. “And now a word of warning about those pesky Knights-in-Training that you shall meet tonight at the Ball. Even though you have known many of them all your life, it will not be the same after this Ceremony of the Blessed Vessel. Do not allow them to lure you from your One True Journey with their pretty words or their empty promises.”

Still confused, Rose looked over at Veronique who was looking at her. She shrugged. Rose had no idea what the Blessed Vessel was. Apparently what she held in her hand was the Creator’s Gift, not the Blessed Vessel. Both were meant to help her complete her One True Journey, but she wasn’t quite sure how.

“But this is the Ceremony of the Blessed Vessel. My dear children, each of you are so very special to the Creator. He has created the One True Journey for each of you that will lead to a special happiness that can only be found by completing it.” She paused. Her beauty shone through. Why had Rose ever thought her ugly? Again, it seemed as if her gaze met every girl in the room.

Then another beautiful smile as she said, “And if you haven’t figured it out quite yet, let me be the first to tell you that you are the Blessed Vessel.”



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