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My tagline says I write stories of faith mingled with murder & mayhem! In short, that means I write Christian suspense. Some may doubt that suspense/mystery novels can actually be Christian fiction but…there’s a lot of Christian suspense writers out there who would disagree.

Christian fiction has changed so much over the last few decades and continues to change all the time. If you love to read but think Christian fiction isn’t right for you, you’re wrong. So today, I’m inviting other writers to leave a comment telling who they are, what they write, and can even include their website address so you can  check out some new writers.

So writers this is your chance to get some new readers, go for it!


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  1. Thanks for your invite. I’m JP Robinson and I am writing my debut novel. It’s set in 17t h century France. I’m a French teacher and have studied/taught French history for years. I wanted to use writing and my love of French to share the Word of God so I’m joining the ranks of Christian historical fiction authors.

    Check out my blog: JPROBINSON.ORG.

    I’ll keep the details of the book top-secret for now but I will be posting tidbits, probably beginning in January of next year. It’s got tons of intrigue, Biblical parallels, war and romance. Any ideas people on how to get a book published if you’re a new author?

    Thanks and again, I invite you to follow my blog: jprobinson.org.

  2. Thanks for this opportunity, Lillian.
    I also write Christian Suspense. My first novel, Stella’s Plea, released in Nov 2012, and my second, Emma’s Prayer, this past Feb. Both deal with faith – and lack thereof – forgiveness and redemption. As an interpreter in the deaf community, my stories also dispel myths about these people who hold a dear place in my heart. Available on Amazon in paperback and ebook format. You can reach my at http://reneeanngiggie.com


    • Renee-Ann, I’m definitely going to read your book! I was an SLP for the Deaf for many years. I have a Master’s in Deaf Education. And now I consider myself part of the community since I’m deaf in one ear and partially in the other because of my brain tumors. Bless you for the work you do.

      • Wow… what a small world. You’ve certainly gone much further in your deaf education than I have. I’ve been involved as an interpreter on Sunday mornings since 1994, and have done assignments in the community as well, though it is not my ‘full time’ job. Upside of writing (which until I can afford to retire remains a hobby!) I’m actually a TTY relay operator. Still very involved with them, but in a different way. I hope Stella’s and Emma’s story will bless your heart. P.S. What does SLP stand for. It’s not a common expression around here.

  3. Thank you, Lillian!

    Hello, I’m Paula Rose. I write Christian Romantic Suspense, and I write, read, and review Christian Fiction. Lillian is correct. Christian Fiction is growing and changing to include many of today’s life issues with flawed characters facing even more challenges throughout stories that keep the pages turning to the end.

    In my first novel, Revenge, you’ll meet Bobby Havers. Bobby is a missing, autistic, young man. However, Bobby’s job skills plus what and who he knows is only the beginning of this puzzle. He’s been targeted and taken, and it’s up to his job coach and the police to find him.

    How can one case and one missing client connect to someone that is both devious and deadly?

    You can find me at https://paularosebooks.com

  4. You must have a hot cup of tea at hand when you read my Berdie Elliott mystery series because it’s a quintessential British cozy mystery. Berdie’s an intrepid vicar’s wife that lives in a small English village where she ferrets out the truth amidst ghastly circumstances. Someone called my work “Jan Karon meets Agatha Christie.” It’s available at Amazon or Pelican Book Group. Cheers

  5. What a great post idea. My name is Toni Shiloh and I write contemporary romance. I self-published a novella, A Life to Live. I have recently signed a contract with a publisher with a book slated to release 2017. You can find me at tonishiloh.weebly.com.

  6. Hi, Lillian!
    What a nice opportunity to talk about my Christian thrillers.

    I write Titus Ray Thrillers, suspense novels featuring CIA intelligence officer, Titus Ray who was brought to faith in Christ by a group of Iranian Christians during a botched mission in Iran. The first book in the series is ONE NIGHT IN TEHRAN. I began the series after hearing about the persecution of Iranian Christians and wondering what would happen if a CIA operative had to live with such believers for three months and became a believer himself. How would he be able to live out his newfound faith in his shadowy world of deception, and violence? How would his life change after such an experience?

    The second book in the series, TWO DAYS IN CARACAS is also available–both of them on Amazon–and the third book, THREE WEEKS IN WASHINGTON, will be out in July 2016.

    You can learn more at http://www.LuanaEhrlich.com or http://www.TitusRayThrillers.com.

    I blog at http://www.hisglorymyjoy.wordpress.com.

  7. Thanks so much for the opportunity, Lillian! I’ve always felt the desire to write from the time I was just a child, and it came out, through my poems, short stories and non-fiction areas such as research papers, etc. I write a few children’s stories, but mostly–and my real love–is inspirational suspense and/or mystery, from intense to gentler forms. I like to deal with real life issues, whether as primary plots, or secondary, and my tag line is Hope Through the Shadows of Suspense. I have five novels published with two more, maybe three, releasing this year. My website link is http://sunnebnkwrtr.blogspot.com/ and my Amazon author page is http://amzn.to/1nFS0og

  8. Hi Lillian. Thanks for the opportunity to introduce readers to my books. My name is Russell Sherrard and I run Sherrard’s eBook Resellers. I write Christian Non-Fiction. Most of my books are Bibles and Bible Related books that I have formatted for the Kindle. But I am now in the midst of writing a huge series called Journey Through the Bible. I have three books in that series so far: Genesis, Matthew, and Exodus. These are easy to understand Bible Studies. Currently I am working on the Book of Leviticus. To see these and other books I have written I have a web site: http://goo.gl/a4rNCo

  9. Hi, Lillian. What a great idea to offer this opportunity. My debut novel–THE CALLING OF ELLA MCFARLAND–was released by Mountainview Books this past December. (It had won 1st place in the Jerry Jenkins Writers Guild’s Operation First Novel contest.) It’s a historical set in 1905 Indian Territory, two years prior to Oklahoma statehood. My grandmother Ella Jane and my granddaughter Ella Jane were the inspirations for the heroine … you got it … Ella Jane. It’s a story about family, overcoming hardship, and finding a calling through faith and grit. Linda Brooks Davis. linda@lindabrooksdavis.com;www.lindabrooksdavis.com

  10. Hello, Everyone! I love the comments on Christian Suspense. My recently published book, Runaways: The Long Journey Home, is also of this genre. It has already blessed hundreds of people and met with much success and five-star reviews. So, yes, Christian Suspense can be done and can reach many who might not otherwise read “Christian Fiction.” Blessings to you all! Brenda Poulos

  11. Hi, my name is Donna Robinson, and I write Christian contemporary and historical romance. I have a new book out too. Here’s the link: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B01EBG3LSQ
    I feel that God has called me to write Christian fiction, and I can’t imagine not writing! My stories usually have the theme of forgiveness, or forgetting the past to reach out into the future. My website is: http://www.DonnaRobinsonBooks.com
    Thanks for this opportunity, Lillian, and God bless!

  12. Thanks for the invitation, Lillian! I write contemporary romance that explores local food and the sustainability culture, hence my tagline “where food meets faith and fiction.” Curious readers can pick up Raspberries and Vinegar, the first in my 6-book Farm Fresh Romance series, free on Kindle, Kobo, Nook, or iBooks. Visit me at http://valeriecomer.com!

  13. Thank you for such a nice opportunity, Lillian.
    My name is Martha Rogers and I write historical romance for Realms publishers and contemporary romance for Winged Publications Forget Me Not Division. My tagline is Touching Hearts…Changing Lives. My historical and most of my contemporary novels involve reconciliation or reunion whether it be with man or God and forgiveness. They are all about faith and love of man for woman woven with the love of God. My historical novels are available as paperback or e-book. My contemporary are mostly as e-books on Amazon with a few also available in paperback.

    I write because God puts stories in my head and I have to get them written down and share them with others. You can find me at http://www.marthawrogers.com.

  14. I write contemporary Christian romance. I have one short light to romance named Head in the Clouds, available on paperback or Kindle, written under my given name, Virginia Welch. My Facebook author page is under Ginger Welch. I have been cal!ed Ginger my whole life. The link to my website is on my FB. Author Page.

  15. Good morning! I’m Ruth Kyser and I write Christian Romance — both contemporary and historical. Currently I have nine novels published, and have a tenth, soon to be released. As for why I write? I write because God gives me the stories in my head, and until I get them down on paper, there in no peace. 🙂 I truly enjoy writing about God’s love though and sharing it with the world. For those interested you can find out more about all my books at my website:


    God bless!

  16. Hi Lillian, Thank you for the opportunity to talk about my books. I have out a brand new novel, released yesterday. Many people discuss whether or not Chronic Lyme Disease exists. I know it does because I have it. Learn more about it in Barely Above Water, a romance woven around a fun kids swim team. My web site it http://www.gailpallotta.com

  17. What a fun idea – thanks! 🙂 I’m Elizabeth Maddrey and I write Christian contemporary romance. My tagline is “Thoughtfully Romantic” because I hope that, in addition to an enjoyable love story, readers might find something to think about that challenges and/or encourages them as they live for Jesus in today’s world. (Some readers and writers call this “Transformational Fiction”)

    You can find me here: http://www.ElizabethMaddrey.com

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