Got Foot Pain?


This is going to be one of my stranger blog posts but… I feel compelled to share this. In case it could help someone else.  I want to share something that changed my life. Yes, I said changed my life! If you don’t have foot problems or foot pain, then there’s no way to explain that statement to you that will make sense.

On the other hand if you foot problems or foot pain, then there’s no explanation needed. You understand. I’ve had foot problems and foot pain for most of my life. The earliest I can remember it I was about 19 and now I’m 61. That’s a long time and a lot of foot pain.

I was diagnosed with plantar fasciitis and had surgery for it on both my feet. And it did nothing! Except have even more foot pain during the recovery from the surgery. It was something I learned to live with as best I could.

Shopping? Not much fun after about the first ten to fifteen minutes. Zoos? Museums? Same thing. Because of my brain tumors, I developed severe balance problems. So now I had foot pain and balance problems. Not a good combination!

Anyway one day as I was praying, I told God that if He’d only take my foot pain away I thought a lot of my mobility problems would improve.

He gave me my miracle! And I’m still praising HIM for that.

My miracle came in the form of THREE little words that my brother told me and he was told by his daughter-in-law. Yes I said THREE words. I started doing those THREE little words and almost immediately my foot pain started going away.

A miracle? It is for me. Most days I have NO foot pain. On days when I’m on my feet a lot more like when I shop I may have some pain but nothing like before.

Want to know what those THREE little words are?

Before I tell you, I must throw in a disclaimer. I’m NOT giving medical advice because I’m NOT a doctor. And, of course, you should talk to your doctor before trying it. I’m simply telling you what I started doing that seemed to make most of my foot pain disappear.

Once I tell you the THREE little words, you’re going to say NO WAY. That’s exactly what I said–it seemed too easy not to mention strange! But I gave it a try anyway! I’m going to tell you those THREE little words in just a minute. And it won’t cost you a penny but…if you want to give me thank you gift, feel free to buy one (or more) of my books on Amazon.

Like I said at the beginning, this is one of the stranger posts I’ve written. Maybe the strangest! In fact, probably the strangest. Anyway, I want to hear what you have to say about these THREE little words. Are you ready?

Here they are:  wiggle your toes! Every morning before I get out of a bed I take about a minute to wiggle my toes. That’s it. I’ve been doing it for about four or five months now and like I said almost all of my foot pain has disappeared.

Let me know what happens!


6 thoughts on “Got Foot Pain?

  1. Amazing. How did your brother’s daughter-in-law come up with those words? Do you think your faith in wiggling the toes is what helped along with your prayer? Thanks for sharing. Will keep this in mind for a growing fibrous on the plantar. I have purchased your book, Geese Mate for Life. Excellent. Blessings to you.

  2. I can’t make comments on Word Press, but I did enjoy your blog. Wiggle, wiggle. 🙂 Cheers, Marilyn

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  3. That’s pretty awesome. It’s funny how sometimes it’s the little things that bring the relief we need. Thanks for sharing.

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