GAME ON–Let’s Celebrate!


Today is my fifteenth wedding anniversary to my wonderful husband! Tomorrow is his birthday and…tomorrow is also the day my new book, GAME ON, is released. That’s a lot to celebrate!

Not every day is filled with such momentous things to celebrate, but if we look around we can find lots of things to celebrate on a daily basis. Like the sunshine or sometimes even the rain can be a reason to celebrate. And let’s not forget family and friends. And tomatoes and birthday cake–just not at the same time!

Anyway back to GAME ON…


To celebrate the release of GAME ON, I’m giving away a virtual basket of goodies. One lucky winner will win a $25 Amazon Gift Card and their choice of an e-copy, Nook, or Kindle copy of my previously published books—sorry not GAME ON (that one you’ll have to buy).  Five other people will win a $5 Amazon Gift Card. And finally five more winners will get their choice of an e-copy of one of my previously published books, not GAME ON.

That’s LOTS of winners! And lots of reasons to celebrate!

YOUR TURN: To enter to win all you need to do is leave a comment under this post or any of the other GAME ON posts this month. The contest ends on September 30th. Be sure to tell us something you’re celebrating!




39 thoughts on “GAME ON–Let’s Celebrate!

  1. What an awesome giveaway. I haven’t read any of your books, so even one you previously wrote would be great. This book looks fantastic though. (amylsmithAT bledsoe DOT net)

  2. Happy 15th Anniversary! Here’s to many, many, more to come! We celebrated our 15th twenty-five years ago. Believe you me, the time will go by fast.

  3. Happy Anniversary and Congratulations! Game On sounds great and I think I would enjoy it. No real celebrations for me right now but I consider each new day a reason to be happy!!

  4. We celebrated my 89 year old father being one of the Grand Marshalls in the Labor Day Parade. One of two WW II veterans still able to be in a parade. So Proud!!

  5. Happy everything I’d say. Book, Anniversary & a birthday.

    It’s my birthday just around the corner. Birthdays are a big deal in our family.

  6. Happy Anniversary! I read that you live in Amish country in Ohio and found that a bit humorous because I live in Amish country in Pennsylvania. 🙂

    I love the book trailer for Game On and can’t wait to read it!

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