My Sabbatical–BREAKTIME!


Everyone needs a break now and then. I’ve spent more than twenty years writing and rewriting. And I still love to write but my heart’s been telling me I need a bit of a break from writing. I’m in the midst of my 3rd round of chemo for my brain tumors.

No, I don’t have cancer but the doctors are using the chemo as a way to make my tumors smaller so they won’t damage any more of my hearing. The chemo isn’t horrible but it’s not wonderful either. So this seemed like a good time to take a break from my writing.

I still have plenty to do, including blog posts and other writing activities, so don’t worry about me getting bored. But my main goal while taking a sabbatical from writing is to READ and READ and READ. And that’s just what I’m doing.

This is my second official week of my sabbatical and I just finished reading my fourth book. Now don’t be too impressed, one was a novella and one was almost finished before the beginning of my sabbatical so I’ve only started and finished two books in the past week.

And lucky you–I’ll be sharing info about the books I’m reading so stay tuned for some book reviews in the coming weeks.

How long will my sabbatical last? I have no idea. I’m depending on God to give me that answer at the right time.


10 thoughts on “My Sabbatical–BREAKTIME!

  1. Thanks, Mimi. I hope people didn’t get the wrong idea. My sabbatical is partly because of my treatments, but more than that, I just needed a break and get back to loving reading as much as writing.

  2. Enjoy your sabbatical. Happy reading. I will be looking forward to seeing what books you enjoy. Keeping you in my prayers.

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