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I love to celebrate creativity. I believe all of us are given the gift but not all choose to open it. Here’s a poem by my friend, Sandy Smith.

Happy New Year 2017 by Sandy Smith


H- health ( enough to successfully function each day)
A- amazement ( God’s creation is amazing)
P- perseverance ( hang in there)
P- prayer ( God hears and cares)
Y- Yearning for more alone time with God

N – Nature (just get out there a little more this year)
E- excitement for living ( joy)
W- wonder ( child like wonder of the small and great around you)

Y- Yielding ( accept what can not be changed)
E- expectation ( that God cares about the little and big things in your life)
A- Anticipation is 1/2 the fun of the journey look forward to what a day will bring
R- Rest  not just sleep but rest of a heart that is content


I hope you enjoyed the poem and…HAPPY NEW YEAR!



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