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DEADLY SILENCE, the third in my Deadly CommunicationS series, will release in a few days on January 20. Here’s what people are saying about it:

Jo Huddleston, author of the West Virginia Mountains series of sweet Southern historical romances:

Deadly Silence is a sweet romance wrapped in page-turning suspense. Lillian Duncan paints enough suspicious characters to keep readers guessing who the villain is until the end. Great characterization and setting descriptions in a story sure to please readers who love suspense.

Mary L. Ball- author of Redemption in Big Fork Lake:

A rollercoaster of anticipation from the first page to the last.

Deadly Silence took me on ride filled with tension. Clues were scattered through the chapters that had me blindly believing I knew the end until another twist in the plot made me guess once more, who the villain is.

Lillian Duncan did a fantastic job creating a novel fill with heart fluttering adventure. I cheered with joy and sighed with sadness as I followed the characters on their journey. Weaved in the plot is also a wonderful message about relying on God to be your guide. This is a book you’ll want to read many times.

Bettilu Davies, author of Shepherd’s Song:

Deadly Silence by Lillian Duncan was a good read, logical, suspenseful, and surprising. I enjoyed the book.


Thanks to the above writers who took time to read my book and give me an endorsement.






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