Christmas Suspense Novels? Really?

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Christmas and suspense novels don’t seem as if they would go together but…I love writing them and my publisher loves publishing them. When I first saw that my publisher had a Christmas Extravaganza each year where she releases Christmas novellas during December, I wondered if it was even possible to write a Christmas-themed story that was suspenseful as well.

I discovered that it’s not only possible to write a Christmas suspense story, but that I love writing them! So today, I thought I’d feature all my older Christmas stories plus my new ones.

THE CHRISTMAS STALKING:  Life isn’t all glitz and glamour for country music star, Destiny; someone wants her dead!

NO HOME FOR THE HOLIDAYS: Chloe wants to go home for the holidays, but someone wants to make sure that never happens!

THE CHRISTMAS ANGEL THIEF: Some mistakes can’t be fixed or so Zoey believes!

A CHRISTMAS STOLEN (To be released on December 1) When her niece is kidnapped, Danica Jordon believes Christmas has been stolen–forever.

A ROCK & ROLL CHRISTMAS (available now!)  Johnny Rocker doesn’t need anyone, especially God because, after all, he’s a rock & roll god. As the floor beneath his feet crumbles, he hurtles toward a different truth!

As you can see, not only is it possible to come up with a variety of Christmas suspense stories, but it makes for some awesome covers as well!





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