I love Christmas!

To celebrate Christmas and the release of my new Christmas novellas, A CHRISTMAS STOLEN and A ROCK & ROLL CHRISTMAS, I’m having a giveaway but not just any ordinary giveaway. This is the 12 DAYS OF CHRISTMAS GIVEAWAY! As the name implies, there will be 12 days and that means 12 chances to win!

But wait there’s more…. in the spirit of Christmas I want everyone to be a winner! Every day, one of my books will be FREE on Amazon. That’s right–FREE! All you have to do is click on the Amazon link that day and it will take you to the book that’s FREE that day. But you do need to do that on that day because they won’t stay FREE for the entire giveaway!

But wait there’s more…. There will also be a grand prize giveaway as well! Each day you leave a comment, you’ll be entered for that day’s prize as well as for the grand prize. So if you leave a comment for every one of the 12 days, you’ll also have 12 entries in the grand prize drawing!

But wait there’s more… I wanted to give everyone a fair chance to win so instead of choosing the winners every day, I’m giving a little more time to enter in case you’re behind on the days. The absolute last day to enter will be December 20! Winners will be announced on December 21. I hope–I admit time seems to slip away from me sometimes but I’m going to do my best to announce the winners on December 21.

PS. There will be a different winner for each day but all your entries will count toward the grand prize!

Grand prize:

$10 Amazon gift card from me;

$10 Amazon gift card donated by Molly Jebber;

$10 Amazon card donated by Anita Klumpers;

An e-book of Two Suitors for Anna by Molly Jebber;

An e-book of Everything About You by Lisa Lickel

A print copy of Without a Song by LoRee Peery,

Your choice of one of my e-books!

Winners will be chosen on December 20th and announced on December 21st (I hope!).







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