TRAPPED–The Heroine


We’ve already talked about the hero of TRAPPED so it’s only fair to talk about the heroine. Angelina is rich, famous, and beautiful. Her life is all about her life because after all she is rich, famous, and beautiful. It’s not giving away the plot to tell you that the story starts with her trapped and kidnapped in a basement. She has plenty of time to reflect on her life choices and how they contributed to her being trapped in that basement. She cries out to God for help–as many of us do in difficult circumstances.

Help comes in the form of our hero–Nate Goodman.

Now the question becomes was Angelina sincere as she called out to God. Will she keep her promises to God? Or will she go back to her own selfish lifestyle? Only time will tell!

Here’s the AMAZON LINK.

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7 thoughts on “TRAPPED–The Heroine

  1. Looks like your book is very suspenseful! It sounds like an interesting read.Where do you find your inspiration for writing novels? How long does it take to write a novel and get it published? You are an author who is new to me and I look forward to checking out your books. God bless you!

    • Thanks, Kerri. I’m so glad you found me. My inspiration comes to me in many different ways. Sometimes, I have an idea. In Pursued, I wanted a strong woman character with a laid back guy. She turned out to be a lawyer; he was a farmer. With Trapped, I had this scene in my head of a woman walking through a darkened parking lot. She keeps hearing footsteps but sees no one. The book was built from this scene.

  2. Your book sounds like a very good read, I love the cover and I really want to read your book. Have a Great week. God Bless you.

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