Round Lake

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Round Lake is one of my favorite places!


It’s a church camp for children but I never went there as a child.

But it’s still one of my favorite places.

Even though it’s for children, twice a year (Memorial Day and Labor Day), they have something called Family Camp. People from all over Ohio come for a weekend of camping with their church family.  It’s a wonderful and very special time. I’ve learned many things while having a fun time at Family Camp. Maybe, I’ll write another post called Lessons from Round Lake, but not today.

Round Lake is special, not just to me, but to everyone who’s attended there over the years. In fact, I’ve heard more than one person describe it as “Holy Ground.” The first time I heard it described that way, it resonated in me. Round Lake truly is Holy Ground. Over the years thousands of children have been taught about God there; but even more important, they met God at Round Lake.

As a writer, something that special doesn’t go unnoticed to me. For more years than I can remember, I wanted to write a story that included Round Lake. I sort of knew the premise of the story I wanted to write but never did anything about it. Until now! Last year after I finished and submitted this year’s books to my publisher, I decided it was time. So I wrote part of the story and got stuck and then I’d write a little more and get stuck. Again and again.

It was really frustrating! I usually can write the first draft of a novel in about a month but not this time. To say it was slow going would be an understatement. But when something’s important to me, I don’t give up too easily. So I kept plugging along. And still there was nothing in it about Round Lake and no way to get there. Yet. But then the story started falling in place. It’s ended up in a series I titled THE LAST CHRISTIAN.  I released the second story–MESSENGER–before the first story–THE LAST CHRISTIAN. But I’ve got it all arranged now. THE LAST CHRISTIAN–MESSENGER–UNCITIZEN–EXILE in that order.

The first three books have been released–and still no Round Lake. The first story, THE LAST CHRISTIAN is a short novella to introduce NewAmerica–a country where even saying the name of God is a crime! MESSENGER introduces Magdalena Denton, the main character in the last three stories. She’s an unlikely messenger, but when God has a message he always finds the right messenger. I’m in the middle of writing EXILE now. And I’m getting very close to Round Lake–or maybe I should say the characters are getting very close to Round Lake.

I’m so excited about The Last Christian series. It’s filled with lots of drama and suspense but has a deep spiritual message that is very relevant to the times we’re living in right now. When I started writing these stories last year, I had no idea that they’d be released in the middle of the pandemic when so many people are so afraid and worried about the future. Magdalena and her friends learn a valuable lesson throughout the stories. God promises never to forsake his children even in the darkest of times–and he always keeps his promises!






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  1. Praying for completion of your series and for the glory of God to be revealed through your works Ms. Lillian. God’s blessings ma’am. Here in east Texas, we have the Pineywoods camp. Sadly, we learned that they’ve had to cancel all the summer sessions. Prayers for all the campers to Christian camps wherever this year.

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