By now, you know that I had a new book released last week–JANE DOE.


Here’s the official back cover blurb:

A Broken Body. A Broken Mind. What If She Wasn’t The Last Victim?

Raven Marks survives a brutal kidnapping but just barely. Along with a broken body, her mind is broken. She wants to put the past behind her, but nightmarish memories won’t let her. . .At first because she doesn’t have them, and then because she does.

Even though her fractured memory can’t recall every detail, she’s haunted by one thought: What if she wasn’t the last victim? Her search for answers leads her to the highest politicians in the land. Each reclaimed memory brings her closer to the truth—and to even more danger.

I wanted to share the review Publisher Weekly wrote about JANE DOE:

A woman wakes up in the hospital with no recollection of what happened to her in this exhilarating inspirational from Duncan (Until Death Do Us Part). Suffering from broken legs and a head injury, Raven finds herself in a hospital, where she begins to heal with the support of Gracie, a chaplain. After recovering sufficiently to move into a home close to her sister, Raven’s memories begin to return, and she recalls being held captive but can’t manage to identify the man who kidnapped her. Raven resolves to face her fears in order to discover her abductor’s identity and uncover the reasons behind her kidnapping. She teams up with Hunter, a self-defense instructor and sheriff’s deputy she meets while in recovery, to decipher the clues. After Raven recalls presidential candidate Charles Whitman’s voice as that of her kidnapper and learns she was found unconscious near his hometown, no one is ready to believe her claims that Whitman might be responsible. Raven’s faith, meanwhile, is tested as she wrestles with feelings of shame and guilt over being abducted, and she discovers that, in order to truly heal, she must learn to stop keeping secrets and to trust God. Duncan’s thrilling tale of justice and salvation will be perfect for fans of Terri Blackstock. (July)

In case you didn’t read the very last part, let me show it to you again. JANE DOE will be perfect for fans of Terri Blackstock! YAY! I love Terri Blackstock and her novels. It’s such an honor to have my work compared to hers. Thank you, Publisher Weekly!



I usually have a giveaway to celebrate a new release and this time is no exception. The first giveaway will be here on my blog, but there will be a second giveaway later, but you’ll have to wait until next week for that information  For now, leave a comment on any of my Jane Doe blogs, and you’ll be entered to win one of three  $10 AMAZON GIFT CARDS! That’s right–three winners! But wait…there’s more!  If you tweet, or post about JANE DOE  on your social media, I’ll give you a second entrance.  Just enter the link as a comment and you’ll be entered a second time. EASY PEASY!

Here’s a few examples of a tweet or post you can use:

A Broken Body. A Broken Mind. What if she isn’t his last victim? JANE DOE by LillianDuncan

A chance to win Amazon Gift Cards at Tiaras & Tennis Shoes to celebrate  the release of JANE DOE. No purchase necessary to be entered. For more details, go to 



God Bless & Good Reading!



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