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My Writer of the Day is Joy Avery Melville. Her latest book in SOWN IN PEACE. She’s been gracious enough to offer an autographed print copy of the book to one lucky reader. So leave a comment at the end of the post to be entered for the giveaway.

Joy Avery Melville’s heart’s desire is to be the author God has called her to be by sharing Him with readers in such a way they long to have a deeply committed personal relationship with Jesus Christ as Lord. Fully intending to write Historical Romance—had in fact— she had no plans to deviate from that. God had something else in mind for that ‘call’ He’d made on her life back in 1967. A mere eighth grader at the time, she had no clue about the topics she’d be drawn to write about.

Surrendering to the genre God placed on her heart has given Joy new insight into the hearts and lives of those who too often hurt in silence. The settings of Joy’s books are near where she lives in Schoolcraft, Michigan with her husband of 47 years and their 2-year-old Yorkie, Is-A-Bella Bindi, (Is-a-beautiful little girl) who thinks she’s a much larger breed with tomboy tendencies.

Joy loves to hear from readers and will respond!


Here’s the back cover info:

How much can one wounded soul take?

Victoria (Tori) Archer has the heart of a soldier. Taken down by an IED during her fourth deployment, she’s permanently separated from her military career and left with physical scars as well as PTSD. Moving back to her hometown of Three Rivers, Michigan, she’s forced by circumstances to live with an irascible and unsympathetic aunt. Tori’s battle with pain, horrific memories, and loss of independence creates a deep yearning for peace. Will God grant her even a small measure of it?

Retired Military Dog Handler Griffin (Griff) McKay turns to training dogs at his farm for wounded warrior therapy, desiring to bring former military men and women emotional and mental healing. Implementing his plan proves to be more difficult than visualized with the arrival of one stubborn soldier. Why has God placed that particular warrior in his path?


This sounds like a wonderful book, Joy.

Don’t forget, if you’d like to win the print copy of the book, leave a comment! Winner will be picked on October 5.


God Bless & Good Reading


7 thoughts on “Joy Avery Melville–Writer of the Day

  1. Your book sounds intriguing and like a must read. I love the book cover, it is Beautiful! Thank you for the chance. Have a great week and stay safe. God Bless you and your family.

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