I’m a writer so, yes, I love words! Before I was a writer, I was a speech pathologist in schools. And being a speech pathologist for children is all about… you guessed it… WORDS! Understanding words… saying words…reading words…and writing words! Of course, you have to put the words together to communicate your message. But it all starts with WORDS!

So, I love it when I learn new words.

I learned a new word today–CUPIDITY. Just in case you don’t know the word any more than I did, it means greed for money or possessions. Some synonyms would be lust; greediness; or avarice. Another one I liked was money-grubbing. I think that pretty much sums it us.

Anyway…that got me to thinking. I’m always looking for new ways to connect with my readers so I thought it would be fun to play STUMP ME! You give me a word and I’ll try to give you the definition. I promise not to look it up on the Internet before I answer. But to be fair, you can’t do that either.  It has to be a word you actually know.


4 thoughts on “WORDS! WORDS! WORDS!

  1. Wow! That surprises me my “wordsmithing” friend. In any case, marplot is defined as (my paraphrased definition here, as I won’t look it up either) is “one who seeks to discount or disrupt others’ thoughts or idea in an attempt to dissuade others of its merit, by means of meddling.” Example: I hate it when Ronald attends meetings; he’s such a marplot. Whenever someone else has an idea, he’s the first to pick it to death.”

  2. I too love words, and it probably won’t stump you Ms. Lilian, but I always chuckle at the word “marplot.” I also wanted to say thank you for your work in speech pathology with schoolchildren; as the shy little left-handed boy (yes, they tied my left arm to my side to try and force me into right-handedness) who pronounced his “Rs” like “Ws” (i.e. I sounded much like Elmer Fudd as a child), I remember how much the speech teacher helped me learn to put my tongue on the roof of my mouth. She also was the first (to my knowledge) to recognize that I wasn’t retarded, I just spoke differently and used what many said was the wrong hand. Imagine, Elmer Fudd with a 147 IQ. LOL God blessed me with a caring soul who taught me to find my voice. God’s blessings ma’am,

    • You did stump me. Tell me the definition and use it in a sentence for me, please.

      Thanks for sharing your story. I’m also left-handed and had my issues with teachers. They tried to make me slant my hand so that it would be the same direction as right-handed writers. One day I looked at the teacher and told her no. (Not sure where I found the courage but I did.) That was the end of them trying to change my writing.

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