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Heaven’s Prey is a novel of suspense and redemption, so let’s have some fun with a “blog chase.” Follow the trail between Oct. 31 and Nov. 7, 2013 for a chance to win a print copy of Heaven’s Prey.

You’re at the fifth stop in the chase. Welcome! You’ll need to visit each stop so you’ll know the answers for the quiz at the end … that’s how you enter the prize draw. To start at the beginning, click the arrow:

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Let’s peek into the story world:

Dreams of a dying man haunted Ruth’s sleep, sound-tracked with wild, abandoned wails. Waking, she’d hear an echo in her mind: Somebody had better pray for him…

She didn’t tell Tony.

Tonight the man was drowning. The water turned to quicksand. To fire. Hands of flame clutched him. Another figure plunged into the inferno, but the man twisted free of his rescuer and sank into a red-hot river of magma. The wailing started again, a haunting lament, the worst yet.

Ruth jolted awake. Somebody’d better pray for him…

Tony’s gentle snores didn’t break rhythm. Holding her breath, Ruth eased out from under the covers and sneaked from the bedroom into the den.

She sank to her knees in front of the recliner and cradled her head in her arms. Hopelessness flooded her, sorrow, grief on a level she’d never experienced. Not for her parents’ deaths, her miscarriages, even Susan’s tragedy. Dimly, she realized she was crying.

Was this what God felt when He looked at a lost soul? At that fiend, Silver? Her lungs fought for breath against the weight of mourning. The dark room closed in on her like a collapsed mine shaft. Oh, God, if it means that much to you—if You want him that badly—

She drew a shaky breath and wiped her eyes on the satin sleeve of her pajamas. Another breath, slower this time, then she forced the words out in a whisper. “I will pray for Harry Silver, Father. Because You ask.”

Stepping out of the story …

Did you know? In December, 1917, the city of Halifax, Nova Scotia, was devastated by the largest man-made explosion before Hiroshima. The Christmas tree the province sends to Boston each year is a gesture of thanks for that city’s help with the relief efforts. (Link: CBC’s Halifax Explosion site)

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Heaven’s Prey releases November 1, 2013. Visit Choose NOW Publishing to read a sample chapter … just don’t forget to come back to the chase! Preorder links are on the Choose NOW site as well.

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