The blogging world that is. I haven’t been blogging long (less than a year.) I only started blogging because John Locke and all the other writing experts said a writer MUST—MUST—MUST have a blog.

Well, I’m a writer so I started a blog.

The problem is I’m just not that into it. And to have a successful blog, you need to put love, time, and energy into it. I prefer to put my love, time, and energy into the books I write.

I agree a writer needs a platform, but shouldn’t good books be the platform? I’ve been a guest on many, many blogs to promote my books. If you type in my name, you will see blog after blog about me and my books. That’s a platform, right?

A writer’s time is precious. After all, most of us don’t make a living from our writing so our writing time is limited. A published writer has many demands on their time, such as guest blogs, promotional events, speaking engagements, being part of a critique group or several groups, creating an online presence, being a part of the social media world to name a few.

If we are spending time writing and promoting blogs along with all the other non-writing requirements an author must do, when do we get to write?

Will I be a guest on other blogs? I hope so and as the saying goes—the more the merrier!
Will I ever have another blog? In fact, I’m not giving up the blog world entirely. I have a devotional site that I hope others will find helpful in their daily life. You can check that out at:

And from time to time I may post to this site, if there is something I simply must say to the world! In the meantime, I’m going to be writing the stories God gives me to write. As for you wonderful bloggers out there, I say keep it up.

Until next time (whenever that may be), God Bless and Good Reading!!