Smarten up your kid? Is that possible? Yes and No. You can’t change your child’s inherent intelligence or abilities, but you can improve their language skills. Better language skills = more success in school.
Normally, I write about things on my mind or my writing, but today I want to talk about you. Specifically abour your child’s speech and language skills. I’ve been a speech pathologist for over 30 years. Obviously, God gifted me with a love of words.
Whether a parent, grandparent, aunt, uncle, or teacher, there may be a child in your life with a communication problem. So, what you can you do about it? A lot, actually. Parent’s are and always have been the best language teachers for their child. Unfortunately, the busier we get the less opportunities we have to do just that.
Is your child struggling in school? Many times learning problems are a result of delayed speech or language skills. It’s not always the case but language skills definitely affect learning and school success. These language problems can often be subtle and not show up until 2nd or 3rd grade or even later.
Reading and writing are language processes so if your child has language problems (even mild ones) they can and most likely will affect their reading and writing skills. And schools are all about reading and writing. That’s why it’s important to strengthen their language skills.
I’ve released an e-book (and soon to be print book) with the title SMARTEN UP YOUR KID; STRATEGIES TO IMPROVE YOUR CHILD’S LANGUAGE.  This book is written for parents in an easy to understand style.
This book contains information about articulation and language problems and what parents and others can do to strengthen their child’s communication skills. It is NOT a substitute for a Speech Pathologist, but it’s filled with tips, strategies, and activities for you to enjoy with your child. And at the same time improve their language skills.
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