Review: Rise of the Mystics by Ted Dekker

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RISE OF THE MYSTICS is the second novel in Ted Dekker’s Beyond The Circle series, supposedly a two-book series but he does leave the door open for more stories in his note to his readers at the end of the story. I read the first book last year and he tells you that you should read the first story before reading this one. A very good idea. I think you’d be completely lost in the story if you haven’t read THE 49TH MYSTIC.

The stories feature a young girl (17) named Rachelle. Rachelle finds herself caught between two worlds–Earth and Other Earth. When she sleeps in one of the worlds, she awakes to find herself in the other world. Are they merely dreams or two different realities?

When Rachelle wakes up in Other Earth, she discovers she’s more than just a girl–she’s The 49th Mystic. Thus begins her spiritual journey that will cross over between both her worlds–Earth and Other Earth. Her actions in one world has consequences in both worlds. As with any spiritual journey it’s not an easy thing. She has enemies in both worlds who want her to fail. And they are willing to do anything to make sure she fails–even if they have to kill her.

These books are what I call modern-day parables. What’s a parable? An earthly story with a heavenly message. Using that definition, these books are definitely parables. There are many spiritual truths that are demonstrated in these stories. Whether you choose to embrace the spiritual message or only enjoy the earthly story, these books are definitely worth your time. 

They are on my short list to read again!

God Bless & Good Reading!