Dreams Do Come True–Just Ask Josh Krajcik!

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DREAMS DO COME TRUE—Just ask Josh Krajcik.

Ever wondered what the appeal is of all the so-called reality shows, especially the talent shows. The X Factor, American Idol, America’s Got Talent, and on and on. Sure they’re fun to watch and you get to see some great talent—and some not so great.

But that’s not the appeal of the shows. At least, not in my opinion. We watch those shows because we love to see dreams come true. If it can happen for them, it might just happen for me.

Right? Of course, there’s a difference between them and us couch potatoes watching them.

We’re sitting and watching their dreams come true while they are busy working to make their dreams come true.

What about you? What’s your dream? And what are you doing to make it come true?

I can hear you right now. That won’t happen for me. I’m just a ___________fill in the blank with a job from ______________________ fill in the blank with a small town.

Think again.

 Here’s what Josh would have said a few months ago: I’m just a burrito maker from Shreve, Ohio. And now look at him. He’s competing for a 5 million dollar recording contract and win or lose—he’s got his dream. To sing for a living.

Josh grew up in the same town I live in. I work at the elementary school he attended. I graduated from Triway—the same school he graduated from. (You’ll see it on the X Factor tonight.) My step-son went to school with Josh. So, you can imagine there’s a lot of excitement here in Wayne County, Ohio for Josh right now.

But again, I ask what’s your dream and what are you doing about it?

My dream is to be a writer. Almost every day, I sit at my computer and write my stories. I have four books published and my fifth is about to be released. It takes time away from other things I should be doing—like cleaning my house. But dreams don’t just happen. It takes hard work , dedication, and never giving up. I may never have the same fame as Josh, but I can say dreams do come true.

To learn more about Lillian and her books, visit: www.lillianduncan.net.

Tonight, watch the X Factor and vote for Josh. But tomorrow–get busy and start working on your dreams. Because dreams do come true!


Who’s Josh Krajcik?


I hadn’t heard the name Josh Krajcik a month or so ago and now I hear it, say it, read about it in one form or another almost every day. In case you don’t know who Josh Krajcik is, he’s one of the 16 finalists on Simon Cowell’s new music competition show-The X Factor. And he’s an awesome singer!

But that’s not the point of this blog post.

Josh is from my part of the country, graduated from the same high school I did, and went to school with my step-son. And everyone around here’s very excited about Josh and how well he’s doing on the X Factor even if he keeps saying he’s from Columbus (Come on, Josh, give a shout out for Triway!)And so am I. So, Josh, if you happen to read this, please don’t get the wrong idea. I’m thrilled for your success and hope you go all the way. You’ve definitely got my vote!

But somewhere along the way talent, success, money, fame, and most of all celebrity got all jumbled together. And many people seem to think if you’re not a celebrity, then you must not be talented.

 Is Josh any better of a singer now that he’s on TV and “famous” than he was a month ago before anyone had heard of him? Not from what I hear. Everyone tells me, Josh is an amazing talent and always has been. But, now that’s he’s on TV that makes him a celebrity and so…he’s suddenly legitimate as a musician.

And that brings me to my point of this blog.

I wonder how many writers, artists, and musicians are overlooked because they aren’t a celebrity. Does fame and talent have to go together? Why are writers, musicians, artists, and others with creative talents only considered legitimate if they are a celebrity?

And what about all of us struggling creative artists types, do we do the same thing?

If we aren’t “rich and famous,” does that mean we aren’t successful? Does that mean our artistic efforts aren’t good enough because we aren’t famous enough? Sadly, I think this mindset hurts many very creative, very talented people. Every day talented people give up their “art” because they don’t view themselves as successful.

The truth is they may have achieved success as an artist, but not celebrity.

I am a writer. It took me a lot of years to believe that and that’s partially because like so many others I believe fame and success are the same thing. It’s not, but I wonder…

If Oprah had me on her show as the hot new writer of suspense novels and I became an instant celebrity, how many of the people I know would have to go out and buy my books to see what all the fuss was about because they hadn’t supported my artistic efforts up to this point?

Mmmm. I’m probably better off not knowing the answer to that question.

And for those cynics out there who are saying I wrote this blog and used Josh Krajcik’s name simply as a way to get more attention, did it work? After all, everyone loves a celebrity!

To learn more about my writing visit me at www.lillianduncan.net

And the last thing I want to say is GO JOSH!!