God Bless the USA-Remembering 9/11


September 11, 2001: a day that will live in infamy, just as surely as December 7, 1941 was for those who lived through that day.  I will be only one of millions who blog about 9/11 this weekend—and rightfully so.

Going back to that day, it was a Tuesday and I was hard at work as a speech pathologist for hearing-impaired students in Cleveland. Life was good. I had a job I loved, just arrived home for a wonderful honeymoon, and had married my childhood sweetheart eleven days earlier.

Another teacher came into my room and said one of the Twin Towers had been hit by an airplane. Like most Americans I assumed it to be an accident, but as I watched that second plane crash into that building, I knew in that moment life had changed.

There are moments the world never forgets. I’m old enough to remember the Kennedy assassination (both of them), Martin Luther King’s murder, the attempt on Ronald Reagan, the Challenger explosion…and of course, the events on September 11, 2001.

All horrible events—no one can argue that. On the other hand I also remember the intense patriotism that spread throughout our country, the care and compassion for fellow Americans, and the millions who fell to their knees in prayer searching for answers.

Of course, it’s ten years later and some might argue that America hasn’t really changed all that much since 9/11, but I would disagree with them. Economically, we might be a mess…but I think we are a kinder and more caring country than before. Patriotism is alive and well. And many who turned to God in that dark time found what they were searching for—a supernatural peace and joy that surpasses understanding.

Unfortunately, that’s not true for all Americans. As each day, each, month, each year passes we, as a nation, forget just a little more. So, we become a little less kind, a little less patriotic, and have a little less time for God.

That’s why this ten year anniversary is so important. We need to honor the dead, but we also need to remember the lessons learned from that day.

We need to remember we are Americans, united together for the common good of our country.  We need to remember that America was built by Christians who came to this country searching for religious freedom for all.

It seems as if it always takes a disaster of some sort to pull us together as Americans. Let’s not wait for the next disaster to be kinder, more patriotic, and pray more. Let’s remember every day what an amazing country we live in and every day let’s do at least one thing to make it even more amazing. That is my challenge to every American.

God Bless the USA.

3 thoughts on “God Bless the USA-Remembering 9/11

  1. I’m writing adventures & mysteries for kids today because of 9/11. The reason is that most of my industrial video clients no longer wanted programs produced because of the economic upheaval from 9/11. On 9/11 last year, I decided to come full circle and write a book for kids so they could understand what happened on 9/11. I had found that many who are 10 – 13 today know little or nothing about it. I have a blog page dedicated to the book. If you go there, be sure to scroll down and read about Vinny, a fire fighter from New York who was trapped in the rubble for 2 hours on 9/11.

    When the Lights Go Out page http://max-whenlightsgoout.blogspot.com
    Video When the Lights Go Out http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wfSEkGN5q0U&feature

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