Heroes Don’t Come Along Every Day

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Heroes Don’t Come Along Every Day.

In the books I write and in most of the books you read, there’s always a hero or a heroine who saves the day so everyone can live happily ever after.

But in real life heroes don’t come along every day.

One of my heroes went to be with the Lord after a too short battle with cancer. His name was Jay and he was by brother-in-law for 39 years. The first time I met him he was a long-haired hippie with a guitar. My first thought was why is my sister with this los..I mean man?

Boy, was I wrong!

Through the years, he became my role model for what a husband and father should be. His family always came first. He did what he had to do to take care of them and he did it with humor, love, and gentleness (most of the time.)

In real life heroes don’t come along every day, but Jay became one of my heroes.

And here’s the poem I wrote as a tribute to him.


A snapshot is only a moment in time.

A snapshot can’t show the character of a man.

A snapshot can’t show the worth of a man.

But a snapshot can help you remember…

The first time I met Jay—black hair, long and thick with a mustache strumming his guitar. Time moves on.

Jay—hair still black but not so long off to work to take care of his young family. Time moves on. Jay-standing strong and proud with an Army short cut, taking care of his growing family and his country.

Time moves on.

His hair is silvery white now but it matters not. He stands strong and tall beside me, comforting me, protecting me, reassuring me.

 Time moves on.

And if you look closely at the snapshots—always, always you’ll see his wife-his children—his family in the photos.

Snapshots may only be a moment in time, but  together they form a picture of a man.

The picture of Jay’s life shows a man of integrity, a man of justice, a man of responsibility, a man of excellence, a man of compassion, but most of all a man who loved his family.

God Speed, Jay—you are loved and missed.

Jay Rohrer—March 23, 1953-September 27, 2011

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