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In The Beginning—DECEPTION Publishers can be quirky—sometimes even annoying. Writers write all these beautiful words and what do they do? They cut them. Well, that’s their job. They know what it takes to make a good book great and as writers we have to learn to trust them.

That doesn’t mean we always agree.

My newest release-DECEPTION-is being released on December 30. The prologue was cut from the book but as a surprise here it is…..Hope you enjoy it….

Jamie paced the perimeter of her living room feeling frustrated, anxious, and alone. She glared at the white leather sofa, the plush white carpet the exact same shade as the leather, and the splashes of brightly colored accent pillows tossed about the room.

The room was so perfect it could have been in House Beautiful.

Jamie detested the room and all it represented.

All she wanted was to go back ome and for her daughter to have a normal childhood. She wanted her daughter to know her aunt. Jamie stopped pacing at the thought of her sister.

She put a hand over her heart; the pain of missing her twin so real it hurt.

Her life was a mess and she had no one to blame but herself but soon she would be able to clean up the mess. As much as she wanted to quit her assignment that moment, she wouldn’t. If she didn’t finish what she started, innocent people would die.

She couldn’t live with herself if she didn’t do all she could to prevent it.

She took a deep breath. Worrying and obsessing over things she had no control over did her no good. She needed to focus on the present. Her life depended on it as well as countless others. Soon, it would be over and then she could go home.

She moved to the sliding glass door leading to her patio and opened it.

The steamy air rushed into the air-conditioned house to greet her. Darkness enveloped her. She inhaled the scent of the tropical flowers adorning her patio. She welcomed the darkness and the quiet of the late night.

Wound up to the point she couldn’t think, and that could be dangerous. Jamie eased off her robe, revealing a scanty black one-piece suit with a plunging neckline. Her wavy blonde hair sparkled against her tanned body.

Guilt tugged at Jamie once again.

Sabrina deserved a full-time mother, not one who spent a handful of days with her every few weeks. This craziness would stop soon, and then she could make a real home for Sabrina. She hit a button and the cover of the hot tub slid away.

Steam bubbled up into the night air. The warm water enveloped her as she lowered herself into the hot tub. Her muscles relaxed. She chided herself for wasting time in the hot tub. She had a ton of things to do before she left the next day but she felt better already. While her body enjoyed the heat, her mind focused on the impending culmination of her efforts.

A slight whispering in the bushes drew her attention.

Jamie turned toward the noise and peered into the darkness.


Still, she felt a chill creep up her spine in spite of the warmth of the night. Her senses went on alert.

Time to go in.

She stood and turned toward the patio door. As she stepped out strong arms encircled her. She struggled to break the hold. Too strong. Her training kicked in and she allowed herself to go limp.

Her attacker’s arms went slack for just a moment.

It was the moment she needed.

Slipping through his arms, she whirled to face her attacker and in one fluid movement slammed her foot into his face. The man grunted and fell back. She jumped out of the hot tub, water sloshing over the patio.

Her gun.

But it was in the house. If she went in, she would only bring the attacker closer to Sabrina. She advanced toward her assailant, who crouched and squared his shoulders. Jamie kicked at the man again, but this time he was ready.

 He grabbed her foot and hurled her to the pavement. He pounced on top of her but she rolled out of his grasp and brought her head up and smashed it into his. She heard a moan but in the next second, more arms encircled her from behind.

Before she could turn, the new attacker shoved a chloroform soaked cloth over her nose and mouth. Please God, keep Sabrina…

So…what do you think?

If you want to see what happens, you’ll need to read DECEPTION. To learn more about Lillian Duncan’s books visit:


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