I WAS WRONG!! When Life Gets In The Way Of Writing.


I WAS WRONG!–When Life Gets in the Way of Writing

It’s been a while since I blogged. I haven’t forgotten about it but I’ve been a little busy. Since my last release-DECEPTION-came out at the end of last year, my husband had a very unexpected triple bypass surgery along with several other serious family emergencies.

I consider myself the opposite of a drama queen. In fact, I am the anti-drama queen. I like my life calm—some might call it boring. And that’s okay with me. But the last few weeks, my life has been anything but calm.

Oh, yeah. You probably want to hear what I was wrong about and why. Right before my husband’s surgery, I found out I had an article due for American Christian Fiction Writer’s Blog (ACFW). I panicked but several people told me to write about what I was going through at the moment. Good advice so I did. If you’d like to read it go to: http://www.acfw.com/blog/?p=2600

The gist of what I wrote was that no matter what, a writer should write since that’s what makes us writers.

Three weeks later, I admit I was wrong! Boy was I wrong.

Yes, writers need to write and develop the habit of writing through all sorts of circumstances. After 16 years of writing, I’ve got that habit pretty much nailed down. And, in fact, I’ve done lots of writing things the past few weeks. Mostly guest blogs and other commitments I’d made, and I also started writing a new story. I’m happy to report it looks promising but…

I WAS WRONG. Writers do need to write but there will be times when that’s not the best choice.

Reason number 1…after almost three weeks of taking on all the household chores, being worried and anxious, I’m tired. And when I’m tired, I don’t write all that well or make the best decisions.

Reason number 2…I can’t stay focused on any one thing long enough to let my creativity flow.

Reason number 3…when life happens and problems pile up, the last thing anyone should do is add more pressure to their life.

I was wrong and I’m willing to admit it. Here’s my new advice when life gets in the way of writing.

Give yourself a break—take time off to renew your energy, your spirit, and your creativity—stay in the moment and do what you need to do to take care of yourself and your family—the writing will be there waiting for you when the time is right!

Hows that for some good advice? Do you agree or disagree? What’s going on in your life and how are you coping with it?

5 thoughts on “I WAS WRONG!! When Life Gets In The Way Of Writing.

  1. Lillian,
    I totally agree. We need to give ourselves permission to step away from writing during those seasons in our life. When we do return to it, the writing will be richer and deeper. Hoping things turn around for you and you find rest in the Lord. Thanks for the reminder that we need to keep it all in perspective.

  2. Totally agree, Lillian. When we begin to write like machines, our writing sounds mechanical and forced. We’re human and have an intrinsic need to refocus at times, to live life and absorb our observations. THEN we write. And our writing has the best chance at that point to be truly good, real, and honest.

    Good post!

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