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I’m a writer! That means I use words to process my ideas, my thoughts my emotions and my life experiences!
And lucky you, I want to share my words with YOU!

We all know we learn from our mistakes!
So, WOW!! I’ve learned a lot in my 57 years! I’ve made more mistakes than I care to admit but the truth is the truth and if I can share some of them with my readers from time to time in hopes of saving you from making the same stupid mistakes, then I will gladly do that!

Jesus used parables to teach his followers godly truths and principles. He knew that a good story could teach his followers without them having to experience all the pain and problems of going through the experience themselves . That’s my goal as well.

In other words, learn from MY mistakes!


I’ve come to the conclusion that nothing makes us more selfish than being sick or injured for an extended time. We become consumed with our needs. What we want–when we want it–how we want it! It seems reasonable at the time–after all, we’re the one suffering. Why shouldn’t the people around us cater to us–to our needs–to our problems?

But really?

The problem is the more focused we become on our problems, the more focused we become on our problems!

And that is not a good thing!  If the only thing we think about is our problems, then they get bigger and BIGGER and BIGGER!

My advice–each day find a way to do something nice for someone else! It truly will make you feel better!

Take a minute away from your own misery to add a smile to someone else’s life!

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