Lil’s Life Lessons



I’ve wasted a lot of time in my life feeling insecure about myself!

And what a waste it was!

That insecurity took many forms: shyness–feeling bad about myself–not willing to put myself out there–building up walls…and the list could go on and on.

This is a lesson I learned from my husband!

Don’t get me wrong–I’m sure he has his own insecurities but he ignores them. He’s never too busy to talk with others, share his life, or make them laugh. And these are people he doesn’t even know!  When I first started dating him, I was amazed at how willing and open he was to share with others–strangers.  As I watched, I saw all sort of people from all sorts of walks of life open up and share back with him.

I saw their faces light up in delight as someone noticed them–maybe for the first time that day!

Slowly, I came to the realization.

EVERYBODY’S INSECURE!  None of us get through this life without picking up some baggage all the way except for may the narcissist!  That baggage can drag us down. That baggage can isolate us. But it doesn’t have to!

When you’re in a social situation and you feel those insecurities swimming up to the surface, take your foot and push them back down where they belong and know that everyone else you’re looking at is dealing with their own insecurities, but you can’t see theirs.

But make no mistake they have them!

So… ignore yours and go make a point to make someone else feel more comfortable in that moment.

Before long, it will become a wonderful habit!

You’ll feel more connected to others and if nothing else you’ll feel good when you make someone else smile!

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