A Poetry Moment from Lucy Morgan-Jones


God is so good! He’s given us so many ways to share our thoughts, ideas, and feelings with others in so many creative ways. Today, I’m excited to share a poem from a writer friend of mine-Lucy Morgan-Jones.

Lucy Morgan-Jones writes  historical romance novels set in the Colorado Rockies and makes her home in north central Victoria, Australia, and am a mum of four precocious children.   Blog: http://lucymorgan-jones.com You can connect with her at https://www.facebook.com/lucymorganjonesauthor

Thank you.

by Lucy Morgan-Joens

Hark! Listen those who quibble

The Lord Jesus is in the middle.

He is all that stands between us and death

So praise him, praise him with all your breath.

Believe in him, know his word is true

Feel your soul become brand new.

Let his love for you transform your life

Forgiveness the key for ending strife.

The road we walk is narrow and alone

Destination—our eternal home.

Don’t give up hope or knowingly stray

We are his lambs and are called to pray.

God is our rock, steadfast and pure

His love for us eternally sure.

His plan for us gently unfolding

All through our lives he is subtly molding.

He is the potter, we are the clay

Forming our destiny every day.

Until we meet God face-to-face

We’ll live among this earthly race.

Praise him, pray, do good works

Don’t be tempted by evil that lurks.

Thank you, Lord for saving my life

All thanks to the sacrifice of Jesus Christ.

By Lucy Morgan-Jones

5 thoughts on “A Poetry Moment from Lucy Morgan-Jones

  1. Hi Lillian! Thanks so much for having me here on your blog. 🙂 All the best as you write for His glory, Lucy

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