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My Writer of the Day is Sharon Srock. Her latest book is The Women of Valley View: Terri, the second in her series-The Women of Valley View. To learn more about Sharon and her books, visit her blog at: or connect with her on Facebook:!/SharonSrock.

The back cover blurb for  The Women of Valley View: Terri: s

Despite a bustling day care center and a new foster child, Terri Hayes hungers for a family of her own. Then a plumbing mishap leaves her homeless and questioning God’s plan. Steve Evans’s gracious offer of his basement apartment as a temporary solution is an answered prayer.

Steve is a successful writer and a good father, but Terri is horrified when Steve’s book research leads him to a harsh confrontation with the parents of her foster child.  She needs to distance herself from Steve, but her efforts fall short as his two scheming daughters plot to make Terri their new stepmother.

It sounds like a great story!  If you want to buy the book, here are the links:

Amazon: and Noble

 Pelican book group:
Sharon also has a unique way of getting to kow the Women of Valley View. She has free PDFs available for each of them. Here’s the links for those:

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