The Human Spirit Endures

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If I pitched a story where the heroine had been kidnapped and held hostage with two other women for more than ten years, my editor would tell me it was too far-fetched and unbelievable. And yet yesterday three women escaped from a house in a well-populated area of Cleveland after being held captive for years.

Gina DeJesus, Amanda Berry, and Michelle Knight have been missing for 8, 9, and 12 years respectively. Not many details are available yet, but we do know the three have been held captive in a house by three brothers and that one of them has a young child.

When I was telling my husband what had happened, it was through tears. He asked me why I was crying. They were tears of happiness and joy for the women being alive and safe. but also tears for what they must have endured. U can’t even imagine what they’ve experienced during their time in captivity.

It would seem to be too much to handle.  Yet as we’ve seen from others who have faced similar situations, most of them not only survive, but find a way to thrive after their ordeal. The human spirit can endure much! Unfortunately, so many of us believe that’s not true. When the bad times come (and they will) so many of us falter and fall apart. That may be OK for a moment, but we need to pick ourselves up and continue with life.

Life is precious and we should cherish it- in spite of the difficulties that life throws at us.

Not many of us will be held captive for years, but we will all face challenges, illnesses, or  tragedies of some sort. Some of us will let them defeat us, but others will face the challenge head on. Which will you be?

My thoughts and prayers are with each of these young women as they face a new future. May they not let their past dictate the quality of their future.

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