My Hanging Daisy Dish Towel!

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So after not crocheting for probably 20 years or more, I got the urge to do a little crocheting. I’ve been practicing  and working on a Daisy Afghan. I started wondering if I couldn’t use the same basic pattern to create a hanging dish towel So I tried it. Here’s my hanging daisy dish towel that I finished in a few hours!




Here’s the instructions if you’d like to make one–written by me. That means they aren’t exactly written like real crochet instructions. If you have a question, just ask. Maybe I can help.


Chain 6, then form a circle by using a slip stitch. 12 single crochets in the circle, then a slip stitch. Chain two, then 12 single crochets. Tie off.


*Chain 4 in any stitch, then 2 more QUAD crochets in the same stitch.*

QUAD CROCHET: just like a triple crochet except you add one more yarn over.

Chain 4 then repeat ** for a total of six flower petals. Tie off.

FIELD OF GREEN (or any color you choose)

ROW ONE: 44 single crochets using the tops of the petals and the empty spaces in between. (3 in the top–4 in the spaces that’s seven total for each petal, then increase by 2 for a total of 44)

ROW TWO: Then chain 4, 9 triple crochet, then a corner stitch (2 triple crochets-2 chains-2 triple crochets) all in the same stitch. Complete row by 10 triple crochets, then a corner stitch. Slip stitch and chain 4 for the next row.

ROW THREE: The same as row two except you now have 14 stitches between each corner stitch.

ROW FOUR: The same as row two except you now have 18 stitches between each corner stitch.

I did four rows, but if you’d like your towel bigger or wider add a fifth row.

Tie off.


ROW FIVE: At the end of the row turn and chain 4, then QUAD crochet in each stitch, turn and chain 4, Decrease  3 times in the row.

ROW SIX: CHAIN 4 and Decrease by 3 as you crochet the row.

ROW SEVEN: CHAIN 4, then decrease by only two in this row.

Is it the width you want? if not decrease again, if so add several more row to your desired length.

TO FINISH: Single crochet around the entire dish towel in yellow. Since some of them are side stitch instead of the top, you may need to put 2 single crochets in those stitches. Use your own judgment.  Then sew a large button to secure the towel.

So what do you think? Like my towel?


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