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Princess Lilianna was talking about destination again. What destination? Whatever could that mean?

“And if you are especially blessed, along the way you will find your one true love to share the rest of the journey with you.”

That definitely didn’t sound like the destination was about finding her one true love. Rose was more confused than ever. If finding her one true love wasn’t the point of her One True Journey, then what was?

“No matter whether you are the King’s own daughter or the daughter of a poor farmer, each of you must take your own Journey. Your feet must trod the path. No one else can take your journey for you. And let me assure you, there will be many surprises along the way, some pleasant and some not.”

“There will be many paths to choose from as you take your journey. So many that at times you might become confused, afraid to take the next step. But worry not, my sweet children. Unlike a maze, there are many paths that will lead you to your final destination. And, in fact, some of you will believe you’ve completed your One True Journey only to discover there is still more to come.”

At your young age you may feel the need to rush through the journey, but I tell you, rush not. Enjoy each path and where it leads. Enjoy what you have while you have it and then when the next phase of your Journey continues, enjoy that as well.”

Rose had no idea what any of this meant. And she really didn’t care. What she wanted was to learn how she could become a Princess. That’s all she cared about—becoming a Princess. Not about paths and journeys and destinations. She just wanted to know what she needed to do to become a Princess. That’s the only thing she cared about.

“The time has come to talk about the Blessed Vessel.”


“Your Blessed Vessel is needed to complete your One True Journey. Take care not to let the Blessed Vessel be damaged or broken.”

Damaged? Broken? Rose shuddered at the thought. That didn’t sound good at all. Girls around the room leaned forward, eager to hear more.

“Sadly…” Princess Lilianna said nothing for a few moments. “Sadly, a few Blessed Vessels will become damaged. Not to worry, this does not have to affect your One True Journey. Only your steps can take off your path, lead you astray. Therefore take care of where you allow your feet to fall.”

“But should your Blessed Vessel become damaged, the Creator has the power to repair it. Never forget that.”

That was good to know—even if Rose didn’t exactly understand what it meant.

“As you soon will discover, there are many paths to choose on you One True Journey. Each of you come before me this day as a Princess-in Training.”

Finally! The good part.

“There is no one path that leads to becoming a Princess.”

No one path? That couldn’t be true, could it? There had to be one path. That was the path Rose would take but she had to know how to get there.

“There is not one path because all paths lead there. A Princess is not what you do, but who you are. And our choices make us who we are. That is why you must take care where you let your feet fall.”

Rose knew those words must be very important, but not sure why. Maybe Veronique or Bells would be able to explain it to her later. Or maybe her mother could.

“For now, instead of focusing on becoming a Princess, you must pick the path and begin your One True Journey. Perhaps the path of a Teacher or a Healer. The choices are limitless. That choice is yours to make. Remember one path is not better than another, only different.”

The little old lady smiled her sweet but enigmatic smile. “But no matter how many times I say that at the Ceremony of the Blessed Vessel, no one quite believes me. So I will tell you this about the Princess Path.”

Getting close to the end! Just a few more episodes.


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