The Ceremony of the Blessed Vessel-PART VI

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The little old lady smiled her sweet but enigmatic smile. “But no matter how many times I say that at the Ceremony of the Blessed Vessel, no one quite believes me. So I will tell you this about the Princess Path.”

“To become a princess, the path is narrow. Sadly, too narrow for many. As you all continue on your One True Journey, many will turn from the narrow path that leads to becoming a Princess.”

How could anyone not want to be a princess? It was the most honored positon in all the kingdom. Who would someone choose a different path? Why would they even want to?

“As I said many of you—most of you—will not become a Princess, but each of you have the power to become a Princess if that is the path you choose on your One True Journey.”

Could that be true? Could every girl here really become a princess?

“There are no arbitrary cuts on the narrow path. The only way to leave the path is to let your feet lead you astray. But remember this well. Once your feet has taken you on another path, it becomes even more difficult to resume the journey of the narrow path. But not impossible. Nothing is impossible for the Creator.”

But Rose wanted only one path. The narrow path to become a princess. But it sounded almost impossible.

“There will be many who want to lure you from your chosen path whatever it may be. It is your responsibility to not allow others to determine your path. The Creator has indeed created for each of us a One True Journey. But when we allow others to determine our steps…”

She stopped speaking and shook her head. Princess Michella did the same. Both looked so sorrowful that Rose felt sad as well without knowing exactly why.

Princess Lilianna looked out at them. Her smile so sweet, so filled with loved. “The only path to happiness is to complete the One True Journey to its final destination. When you allow others to lure you from that path, you will not find happiness. Instead, you will find pain, sorrow, and heartache.”


The harsh words cut through Rose’s excitement, causing her to tremble. Veronique clasped her arms. Rose could feel her trembling as well. But Bells simply looked excited as if she couldn’t wait to begin her journey. Had she already chosen her path?

Princess Lilianna continued, “Ah, but this is not a day for sadness. But know that you’ve been warned, so take care where you allow your feet to fall. Now it is time for your gift from the Creator. Look down by your feet and you shall find yours.”

Rose did as instructed, shocked to find a small wooden chest on the floor beside her feet. It hadn’t been there a moment ago, had it? And yet she’d seen no one place it there. How had that happened?

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