Yeah, I know that’s not how you spell healthier but I wanted to get your attention. So mostly this blog is about books–mine and others as well. I’ve decided to add a new feature, HEALTHY-ER. I change things up here from time to time by trying new things to see what interests people and I’m doing it again.

So you may or may not know that I was diagnosed with brain tumors in 2012. Thankfully, they were benign meaning not cancerous but they weren’t benign meaning harmless. Someone asked me yesterday how I was doing. My response was that I would never be quite as healthy as I was before the tumors but I was doing the best I could under the circumstances.

Doing the best I can means working on getting healthy-er. Get it? I won’t ever be completely healthy but I can work on getting healthy-er. Thus the title of this blog post.

I know I’m not alone. Just in my own family, there are so many of us who have some type of chronic health condition that affects us on a daily basis. Not to mention getting older brings its own set of problems as well-even if you don’t have any specific health problems.

It seems to me there are two choices: do nothing or do something!

I really believe in the philosophy of the more you do the more you can do; the less you do the less you can do. So…I keep on exercising in the hopes that it will improve my ability to “do more” in my everyday life.

I have to say I’m a lot healthier than I was last year at this time when I finally finished the treatments for my brain tumors for the foreseeable future, but I’m still frustrated that I can’t do more physically, like shopping and sightseeing. You know–all the fun things!

Anyway, I want to share some of my health struggles with you and what I do about them to encourage others to keep trying. I also plan to bring you some useful tips from time to time that I come across as I keep trying to get healthy-er.

YOUR TURN: How about you? Do you agree with the philosophy of the more you do, the more you can do? If not, what’s your philosophy regarding your health issues?



4 thoughts on “Healthy–er!

  1. Lillian, I’m currently doing daily PT for a knee injury and am finding my over-all strength to be improving. Thank God. I pray all goes well for you. Cheers

  2. You are right. One either does something or nothing. As for the more you do, the more you can and will do, I think has a lot to do with attitude, motivation and inner strength, and for some that means faith. Many times I became discouraged and thought, “I’ll never get any better than I am now. This is it,” and yet five years after viral pericarditis I am better. Thanks for sharing your tips. I know many will benefit.
    Be blessed,

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