A Writer’s Life–Part 6




With the release of The David Years, I thought I’d share about how the book came to be. The David Years is the second in my Puzzle House series so before I can tell you about The David Years, I have to tell about Puzzle House first.


The stories I usually write are mystery and suspense novels. Puzzle House and The David Years are anything but mystery or suspense, so how did that happen? When a writer’s life changes dramatically, their writing life usually changes in some way as well. In 2012, my life changed dramatically! I was diagnosed with bilateral brain tumors and a rare genetic condition called Neurofibromatosis Type 2 (NF2). The tumors are almost always non-cancerous, but that didn’t stop them from affecting my health in so many different ways.

I’ll share a writer’s secret with you. Writers often use their writing as therapy–at least I do. In 2016, I felt the need to write something different–a story where the main character has the same type of brain tumors I have as well as NF2. And Puzzle House was born! The story is definitely NOT autobiographical–it’s not about me. The only similarity is that the main character and I have the same type of brain tumors because of NF2.

After that–it’s pure fiction!

Puzzle House is a much more spiritual book than my mystery and suspense books. Because of that, I wrote a devotional book to go along with Puzzle House and called it DEVOTIONS FROM PUZZLE HOUSE. My publisher classifies it as Women’s Fiction, but I simply call it a Christian Fiction novel. By the way, men like it as well!


OOOPS! I’m out of time for now so I’ll finish this story in the next edition of A Writer’s Life.




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