Coming Soon…TRAPPED


Yay! It seems like forever since I wrote this story, but it’s finally releasing. Well, not quite yet–but soon! However; you can order it as a Preorder on Amazon or other book sites right now. TRAPPED will be releasing on September 27. Here’s the AMAZON LINK.

TRAPPED is a definite page turner. Angelina Matthews has it all—riches; fame; and beauty. Her life is perfect until the day she’s kidnapped and trapped in a basement with a mad man! But that’s just where the story starts. To get to the ending, you’ll go on a journey with more twists and turns than you can imagine. 

To celebrate the release of TRAPPED, I’m having a giveaway! Actually two different giveaways.

One lucky winner will receive a $25 Amazon Gift Card as well as a choice of one of my books (e-book only) through CelebrateLit. Click Here to enter that giveaway.

I’m also having a giveaway here on my own blog.  One person will win another $25 Amazon gift card and five lucky winners will win their choice of one of my e-books . To be entered all you need to do is leave a comment under any of the TRAPPED posts. Don’t know what to say as a comment, how about we do something fun–ask me a question and I’ll answer it or tell you it’s none of your business–just kidding–I hope!



8 thoughts on “Coming Soon…TRAPPED

  1. You had me at Trapped! Twists and turns on every page would keep me mentally ready for an ending I’ll bet will be a surprise.

  2. Ok…the title really grabbed me and you had me at Trapped! I love suspense and the plot of your book has me excited and nervous…no not nervous…just ready to read this twisty book.

  3. Your book sounds intriguing and like a very good page turner, and I love page turners! I really like the cover, it looks pretty mysterious! How many books have you written? Have a Great weekend. God Bless you.

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