OK, maybe lie is too strong of a word. Misconception–Misguided idea–Incorrect idea. Those sound nicer, don’t you think?

What’s the lie? It’s a lie that so many of us tell ourselves–I’M NOT CREATIVE! Usually followed by I WISH I WERE BUT I’M JUST NOT.

Not true! Not true! Not true!

How do I know that it’s not true? Because we were all created in God’s image and God is the ultra-creator, right. So…if we’re created in his image then that means we must be creative as well!

I used to say those very same words! And now if you check my Amazon page, you’ll see lots of books with my name on them. If you walk around my house or family’s houses there’s several paintings with my name on them.

So you see, I was wrong and so are you if you say those words. We often limit our idea of creativity to the “arts,” meaning music, literature or art. But that’s also a lie! There’s all sorts of ways to be creative.

YOUR TURN: Please share some ways you’re creative with my readers. Thanks!



A Devotion About Scat? Really!

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So, a friend of mine asked me to write a series of 5 devotions for her this week. She volunteers at Wilderness Camp each year.  She’s in charge of the girls who attend. It’s up to her to create activities each day as well as devotions and a slew of other responsibilities. I am not a Wilderness Camp type of woman–just ask my husband. But I do like to write devotions so I volunteered to do that for her.

And  it’s quite an exercise in creativity to do so.

Here were here five topics relating to the activities she created for the camp:


Animal Skins

Animal Tracks



Butterflies and survival were fairly easy to find Bible verses and write a devotion, but the other three? Really? How am I to write a devotion for SCAT. Well, I managed and when my friend picked them up she seemed happy with them. But sometimes, I have to wonder how my brain works!

God Bless & Good Reading!

PS. If you’d like to read the SCAT devotion, check it out at  and let me know what you think of it.

April is National Poetry Month!

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I’ve been informed April is National Poetry Month!  Who knew there even was a National Poetry Month? Not me!  To celebrate, I’ll be sharing some poetry with you this month. The first selection is by Penny Frost. McGinnis  Penny loves poetry, especially haiku. These brief poems capture a moment in time, paint a picture. Writing them makes her pay attention and take note of the beautiful world God created.  Some of her favorites poets  are Robert Frost, Carl Sandburg, Emily Dickinson and Basho. Visit to learn more about her and her writing journey.


SIGNS OF SPRING by Penny Frost McGinnis


signs of spring
daffodils, pansies, crocus—
real estate for sale

trillium unfurls
snow trickles into the creek—
God blows the kiss of spring

crocus spring up
gives brightness to earth—
hope to the heart

tiny blue eggs hatch—
in the corner
of the porch basket

by love—
red tulips

rain pours
grass grows—
mower rests